The Modern Dilemma — Disguised Sadness

The Modern Dilemma — Disguised Sadness

Burt Harding has written another great article, titled as above.

“Why do so many people suffer sadness often disguised behind smiles? What is the common dilemma of such inner pain? The reason is a simple one – it is the inability to complete a feeling!

“Briefly, an incomplete feeling is an emotion that lingers on and on without reaching its completion. We mull over it, try to figure it out, think about thinking about it, resist it by wishing it wasn’t so and so on. This happens when we are hurt, offended, feel betrayed, feel rejected or feel abused (taken advantage of). However, these feelings of incompletion have a deeper source for their origin.”

“Spiritual seeking is often incomplete. There is a pattern most seekers state, “I understand intellectually but I haven’t fully realized it yet.” This is a safe cop-out from going all the way. They keep themselves, unconsciously of course, at a safe distance so that their ego remains intact. The truth is this – there is no such thing as intellectual understanding. There is no way that the intellect can comprehend awareness. Therefore there is either understanding with the heart or there is no understanding at all, period.”

“This feeling of incompleteness happens because there is an unconscious fear of going all the way to what is real. When a seeker says, “I know” because they have read and studied so much, they are placating their incompletion so that they do not plunge into the unknown abyss of egolessness. And, since ego doesn’t exist in reality, it keeps reinforcing itself as an excuse against the fear of completion.”

“Incompletion brings the fear of insecurity and uncertainty and so it tries to gather information to feel secure and certain only to increase its own doubt further.”

What are complete feelings? Happiness is a complete feeling and so is love and joy. These are not acquired emotions but non-qualities that naturally arise from a quiet mind and full heart. In other words, they arise when we allow a feeling to complete itself. They are the moment in its pure essence.”

“Anything that you allow to be exactly as it is will complete itself and disappear.”

“If you ALLOW yourself to be simply with anything, it loses its power over you. What has power over you is what you feed with your fear of it, with your resistance and wishing it wasn’t there. The moment you wish something wasn’t there, you have attracted it into your life automatically through the Law of Attraction. Remember once more – what you resist, persists.”

I’ll stop quoting now before I’ve excerpted half the article. (laughs) He also shares something of his own awakening. And I love his closing.

Burt is having some technical trouble posting new articles but it should be up soon. He invites you to email him to request it in the meantime. It’s title matches this blog post’s.

You’ve probably heard the saying “I am Love”. We could say all emotions derive from either love or fear. As fear is the absence of love, like darkness is the absence of light, when love arises, there is only love. “I am Love” becomes an understatement.

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