Grip or Freedom

Grip or Freedom

Tom Stine talks about the process of clearing over on his blog in Layer after Layer after Layer. And how to tell if you are actually clear. In Comments, Jacob wonders if the idea there are layers keeps one from being free now. Takuin observes that layers or not, the real question is what causes the layers to persist. What is their source? I noted:

Over and over we come back and find there is some new value to see through. I find this very true. Today, I was listening to Wayne Dyer talk about the Tao and ego. He mentioned the ego aspect of ‘I am what I have.’ In that I saw there were certain things I have from my past that have a subtle grip or holding. Another value that had not been seen. What is it about them that causes a grip? Why the sense of need and fear? It’s useful to explore. Do I disappear without a past? (laughs)

It can seem life continues to present us with new things to work on. It can seem like layers and layers. Jacob suggests this is another concept and he’s right. The key is – does the concept lead us to something deeper or does it lead to another way to hold. The concept itself is not the issue but it is important to see it is a concept.

Another concept I use is ‘ego shrapnel’. Left over ideas or habits of mind that continue. We can think of them as like nodes. Or like facets of a structure of belief. Or layers of an onion. And so forth. The point is, it’s not about the concept, its about what it leads us to. What we do with it. More grip? Or more freedom…

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