Imagining the 10th Dimension

Imagining the 10th Dimension

One of the more curious concepts people play with is Dimensions. Coming from a place where we see the world in relation to ourselves, new values of reality tend to be described by other dimensions.

We live in 3D space with a 4th dimension of time along which we travel in one direction. This is space-time. It has a geometry or structure that determines mass, form, and other characteristics of perception.

When people begin to conceptualize other values, they tend to add them as new dimensions, rather than seeing them as different resolutions of the same space-time. This is one of the consequences of not recognizing the role of the observer in all perception.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to explore alternative constructs. Here is a video explaining a model of 10 spatial dimensions. This does not match the models being used for 11D space in string theory, but it is better explained than many.

You may find it useful to turn annotations off in the lower right during the first view. They add tons of comments and links for further exploration later.

The essential model here is that the 5th dimension is alternate timelines or possibilities, the 6th is the folded 5th (just as 2D folds into 3D space). In the 7th D, the infinite possibilities of the 6th are collapsed into a point that is a universe with its possibilities. The cycle then repeats itself – point to line to plane to fold possibilities to infinite point. They mention that superstrings in the 10th D (infinite points) create subatomic particles in ours and other Parallel universes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anton Zellinger and his team in Vienna are proving that everything other than our currently perceived “now” is indeterminate and probabilistic.

Here is another way to explain it.
The very occurrence of a possibility arises from intention. Thus possibilities are already focused.
When awareness becomes aware of, it creates a duality we perceive as self and other. This creates a ‘space’.
From that range of possibilities, the attention collapses the indeterminacy into what we perceive.
This process is taking place in the whole but is being perceived from various points of view, also known as individuals.
While other possibilities may be possible, only one possibility is.
There are no parallel universes of alternate timelines as awareness has chosen.
However, there are other universes but they are formed from another unique set of intentions with unique circumstances to explore other possibilities.

If you dig into some of the ancient texts of exploration in the field of consciousness, you will find descriptions much like this, including what the universe looks like from the outside.

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