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A few days ago, I heard a notable talk by a teacher who does not wish publicity. But he made a few points worth sharing.

He observed that he was seeing an another acceleration in awakening. More movement of divinity into form.

He also commented on the “sticky” residue of mind that many were working through. As always, the solution is to go more deeply into silence.

And he made a curious observation. When we’re allowing what is, what we’re really allowing is what isn’t. Mind, emotions, body. These are part of the illusion. We should allow what isn’t to be as it is. (laughs)

He also observed that even the world is spiritual so there are only spiritual experiences. There is nothing else. It’s time to remember this.

Continue being that surrender, that flow. You will become that.

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  1. Jacob

    Hi Davidya,

    I certainly relate to that “sticky” residue of the mind – I seem to be one of those people “working through” it. It has been something I have been very aware of these past few weeks.

    To me it feels a very physical (energetic?) thing – a kind of thick, rubbery sensation in the mind. Of course, the temptation is to want to get rid of it, but I see that this movement only perpetuates a sense of division within myself. There are fleeting moments of surrender when the “stickiness” is gone, when I am fully “allowing” (and these are very pleasurable).

    What I find difficult is that the more I focus on the stickiness, the more it seems to solidify. Then I try to not focus on it! Of course, ignoring it doesn’t work either! So I TRY to allow it! Which clearly is just a continuation of the seeking impulse… It is interesting to watch all this going on – it’s almost farcical!

    Thank you for the suggestion to “be that surrender, that flow”. Of course, the mind wants to grasp on to that suggestion as “the solution to a problem”, to turn those words into something to be done… =)

  2. Jacob

    …And then there is a kind of smugness at having seen through some of the games of the mind, and then a feeling that there “shouldn’t be smugness”… It goes on and on… Like I say, it’s all rather comical really! But when does it stop?

  3. Davidya

    Hi Jacob. You see it very clearly. Perhaps it would help to consider it is not the mind that grasps but fear that grasps and creates an idea there is something to be done. Fear that is very subtle. The mind itself is innocent, the receptor of what flows through. What our attention chooses to give its attention to is the key. We have been so absorbed in the minds ideas and perceptions that it is very tricky to see through. But gradually, those moments of surrender grow – along with the pleasure.

    A moment comes when we shift from mind experiencing surrender to surrender experiencing mind. Then it is easier. But still some time may be needed to loose the habit of it. You have been practicing one way for many years. It may take a little time to make new habits 😉 It depends on the person and on the depth of surrender how fast it is.

    Mind and its thoughts don’t go away. What chances is our relationship to them. The seriousness we take them. Of course, more settled means less noise. Mind settles itself.

    Thank you for sharing that.

  4. Jacob

    Thanks for your thoughts Davidya. This feels very important to me: “Perhaps it would help to consider it is [b]not the mind that grasps but fear that grasps[/b] and creates an idea there is something to be done. Fear that is very subtle. The mind itself is innocent, the receptor of what flows through. What our attention chooses to give its attention to is the key.”

    My initial thought is: “from where does fear arise and why?”

    Thanks again – I will dwell on this for a while.

  5. Davidya

    Hi Jacob
    You may enjoy browsing the posts under the “Key Posts” link on the right. I touch on this a number of ways. We can say fear arises when awareness looses its connection with the whole. This causes a kind of grasping. It is the root of resistance.

    This is very subtle and sub-conscious. The ego is one of the consequences of that. The idea of being separate. As that is cleared, deeper is the emotional grasping, the drama of the story. Deeper than that is the sense of personal identity as other. Deep in the gut we come to the source of fear.

    So it takes a little time to come to that place. But once seen, it clears like darkness in the light. Some call it the shadow. Mind cannot grasp it as it is much deeper than mind.

  6. Jacob

    Thanks Davidya – will check out some of those Key Posts (not quite sure where to start – there are a fair few!). I am curious what you mean by “Deeper than that is the sense of personal identity as other.” That we see ourselves as apart from our surroundings? As in, we create an object-subject relationship, which leads to fear? Just wanted to clarify what you mean by this.

    By the way, I have been watching the sense of grasping, and can feel that subtle sense of fear you speak of.

    [P.S. I am going away for a few days so may take a while to respond to any further messages!]

  7. Davidya

    Hi Jacob
    The key posts arose over time and are not in any real sequence, just grouped by subject.

    The sense of identity, of being a separate me, of “Jacob”, is deep in the sub-conscious. Deeper than the mental idea of ego self. Deeper than the emotions of separation. Indeed, it is the energy that drives these. As these layers peel away, the identity becomes conscious and is seen through.

    Then, the sense of separate me dissolves and the sense of “inside” and “outside” goes away. This is the dawning of oneness or unity. The dissolution of the subject-object relationship. The posts in the Process section talk about this, also in Reality, Waking and The Heart.

    I’d say more that separation arises in absorption in the expression, and this gives rise to fear which then drives the emotions and ego idea.

    Hope your trip was a relaxing one and thanks for the feedback.

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