Your Purpose

Your Purpose

Purpose is a very interesting question to explore.
But we have to be careful about what we are talking about.
We could be talking about the purpose of a thing.
We could wonder at the purpose or cause of an event that shows up in our life.
We could wonder at our purpose in the flow of doing. Or in terms of work. Or the larger question of why we’re here.

The question of why you as a person are here is interesting as it has several layers to it. These run from the place where there is no person so a question of purpose is meaningless, right through to the individual being the Self’s means to know Itself.

More mundanely is the question of why you specifically are here, now.
On a larger scale, what your expression is about through many lives.

The purpose of humans in general.
The purpose of life.
The purpose of the universe.
The purpose of creation.
The purpose of existence…

Another word for purpose? Intention.
If we look closely at the world and understand that consciousness is primary, it soon becomes clear that everything is intended and thus has a purpose. Even a molecule or a grain of sand. It’s all part of the whole.

What intends is a different question that changes as our perspective evolves.

Funnily enough, the journey all comes down to knowing why you’re here. Purpose is self knowledge. Put another way, your purpose is to find your purpose  😉

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  1. Davidya

    Dharma is typically translated as purpose. I was reminded today that there is no personal dharma. There is only cosmic dharma. Cosmic dharma is the journey of self discovery, the divine surrender.

    If the post was not clear, the intent was to say that we can see purpose in everything, in every value. But there is only one purpose. Everything exists simply for the purpose of Self to know Itself.

  2. Louise

    What I treasure the most in my learning is the knowledge and acceptance that everything happens for a reason, has a larger purpose and, so, I rest and take the road of least resistance. I loved the ending to this post. Thanks!

  3. Davidya

    Yes. They say ‘unfathomable is the field of action’. We may understand purpose in moments of clarity but how that plays out in the field of action remains a surprise. Thanks for your thoughts, Louise.

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