How to End War

Takuin has written another beautiful and succinct post on war. “[war] is the bastard child of humanity.” He clearly outlines all that is necessary to end war. It is all about what we believe. Ending war is simply ending the war within. Stopping to look when anger arises. Seeing through it, we find peace.  With that, we make peace.

“Each time you point a finger, it strengthens war and suffering. See this for yourself, and do not take my word for it. Go there and find out. Then, you will never again ask how to live your life.”

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2 Responses to How to End War

  1. Evelyn Lim says:

    It is so true. Ending the war starts with ourselves! If we can only learn how to reduce anger levels directed at ourselves or to others, there is every hope for the ending of wars!

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi Evelyn
    Thanks for coming by. Yes, the world is as we are. There is no individuals. What we see is us together.

    You’ll note how in the comments how someone who sees themselves as spiritual gets caught in this. The cause is seen out there, in others. We cannot control it so it cannot end. But it can and it has. Not for awhile, but in the deep past, there has been long periods of very deep peace on earth. That is where I hope we are coming to again.

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