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by Fabiola Medeiros

Back in The Past, I spoke about how the perception of time evolves and all future and past fall into the moment. Where the idea of those multi-armed gods come from in the east. In a comments discussion over on Tom Stine’s blog, a few other aspects were drawn out.

Time, as I have mentioned, arises in the movement of awareness to Itself, after it recognizes itself. Some say the future and past are illusions but thats not exactly true. The future and past do exist but they exist only in the moment, only now. In other words, every moment is right now, concurrent. The future is not in a separate place. It is the perception of it as separate that causes the appearance of time moving and a sequence or flow of time.

I have noted for example that in my lifetime, we have switched from analog to digital clocks. Analog clocks with hands show time as flowing in cycles. Digital numerical clocks show time as a series of discrete events. Simply by our perception of timepieces, we can change our perception of time. This is similar to the idea behind the Now watch.

Time remains only now. There is no other time. When we see the future and past as other, that is the illusion. Thus the apparent causality of a separate past is an illusion. When we break the ‘nodes’ of the illusion, the false causality collapses and the true causality is revealed, beyond time.

Can one see the future? Yes, it is now. If we fully see now, this becomes apparent.


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