Forms of Resistance

Forms of Resistance

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So whats all this “resistance” anyway? I’ve mentioned before that everything is either fullness or resistance. So if you are not experiencing happiness, peace, and freedom, you are experiencing resistance.

This takes many forms.
– unwillingness to share
– unwilling to see it as it is
– investment in a drama or story
– avoidance
– insistence
– anger against
– fear of
– depression
– being against anything (as opposed to being for)
– my, as in not yours. My house, my wife, my child.
– disallowing
– dwelling in the past
– dwelling in the future
– illusions
– procrastination
– talking without doing
– mind-numbing activities
– inertia
– excess

Of course, not all of these are always about resistance, but you get the idea. Resistance is holding. It is what they describe in the East as Attachment. It is investing in what is not, in the illusion.

Another form of resistance is resisting resistance. (laughs) When we begin to see where we are resisting, we tend to then resist what we are resisting. Thus we often find our resistances are loaded on in layers.

Anything we tend to consider “negative” or “bad” is resistance. We have such a habit of this, it seems wrong to think we should not be against things. But shifting to an emphasis on whats right rather than whats wrong makes an amazing difference. I am not saying we should condone everything, just that standing against it only confronts it on its own level. It does nothing to resolve it. In fact, it often reinforces it.

At any moment in your day, stop for a moment and ask yourself – am I experiencing peace or happiness? Or am I resisting? How are you feeling? Is your brow furrowed? Are you holding your breath? Often times, we are pushing against even with our bodies. Thus stress ailments and disease are cultured.

This we could say is a kind of inquiry for the heart and body. The observation of what is which becomes allowing what is.

It’s interesting to note that even fullness itself uses resistance. In Physics, we call this force. But fullness uses resistance to direct the flow, to give structure, to create our world. It is a guide. The resistance of ego is simply against. rather than being a guide, it tries to be a block, a plug or barrier. But of course, the flow is much larger than any individual can even conceive of. Nothing is blocked. Flow just goes through anyway.

“resistance is futile”
— the Borg, Star Trek

Science fiction clearly illustrates how fearful the ego is of allowing. Fearful because it knows that in allowing, it will cease to be. We will rejoin the collective. But not as a part machine. Promise. Really, the Borg more accurately portrays the collective illusion we so commonly live in already, the trap of our own ignorance.


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