Flow vs resistance

Flow vs resistance

Recently, in the post “Be Here Now“, I wrote about how everything is either Flow or Resistance to Flow. Then I heard a CD of Marc Allen talking about the principle of Partnership, and its opposite in Dominance. How he saw our view of history and our culture as dominated by dominance, ignoring the “Chalice” aspect, much as David Hawkins spoke of in his book Power vs Force.  Essentially the difference between the egos desire for control vs the hearts desire for relationship and Oneness. Marc outlined the many ways a partnership approach enhances all life, including in business. And he joked about how long he was taking to read Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, because of how profound Tolle’s statements were around that original idea. Its all either the flow or resistance, but in Tolle’s words.

Then this evening, I heard a talk about consciousness and the flow. The speaker said “The light of consciousness is flowing, fully lit. There is no obstacles there. But it doesn’t know that through a nervous system that doesn’t allow it to flow freely.”  “The whole universe is becoming light, through the perceiving mechanism of Itself, which [mechanism] is the mind-body system.”

That in essence is our job.  To get out of the way of the flow. And then step into the flow, be the flow. These are the 2 wakings. Then we will no longer be the obstacles we experience in our lives. In India, they pray to Ganesh, the elephant-headed god, for the removal of obstacles. But in truth, there are no obstacles. There is nothing for Ganesh to remove but our illusions that obstacles exist.


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