The Roots of Fear

The Roots of Fear

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Animals naturally experience fear as a concern for their well-being. But at root, they move to the impulse of nature. They move where consciousness takes them. Only domesticated animals, raised in close proximity with humans, exhibit the side effects of ongoing fear like worry and anxiety. They are in effect conditioned by humans, just as we condition our children.

Humans can sit in that unique spot in awareness where they are aware enough to project their ideas into the future but not quite aware enough to realize the folly of trying to control it. Indeed, we see the future as other and try to control it by actions in the present, forgetting that we are ourselves projecting the ideas of the future. We create the illusion, then behave as Don Quixote. We are not addressing the source, but chasing after the effects we have produced ourselves.

Why do we fear? We have a concern for our well-being. And why are we concerned for our well-being over might be’s rather than what is?

All of it comes back to the cycles of awareness. I’ve touched on this prior, but like everything else in nature, awareness goes through various cycles of opening and contraction. It is the way of all things, like sleep follows waking. If you are reading this blog, you probably consider yourself a seeker. There is a good chance then that you’re an ‘old soul’, a person who’s been around the block long enough to have experienced a cycle of awareness.

There are a number of names for these cycles, but one I’ve touched on prior is the “Great Year”, an almost 26,000 year cycle known by the ‘wobble’ of the earths axis. We cycle through 4 pole stars over the ages and pass through various stages of opening in the process. This is reflected in the cultural development of the time and we see history is full of stories of past golden ages and dark ages. This is quite different from a traditional historical perspective of human growth and development as being a more or less linear progression, with a peak today. In fact, we are rising out of a low point, returning to a much higher awareness.

And this comes to the root of the fear. What Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body, held deep in the gut and sub-conscious. At the moment, awareness is opening fairly quickly. At a point in the deep past, the awareness dropped quite suddenly. This is a point that is well known historically but old enough and strange enough to be misunderstood.

Just as the ego sense develops naturally when we are young to assist in separation from parent, the fear-based identity arose in separation from clarity. When, after an extended period of open consciousness, we experienced a rapid drop during a period of world turmoil, we as if “captured” the mood of the moment and saved it to file.

As our awareness has not been open enough to experience this fully again, the sense remains with us, haunting our experience. In other words, the fear identity arises in response to loss. Loss of our former sense of who we are.

And now we are in a time when many people are quickly reopening. Remembering who they are. Resolving the old “subconscious” fear and loosing the small fear driven identity. They are not only dropping the ego, they are stepping past their entire concept of “I” into an expanded state of being so much greater than the little me can even conceive of. Opening from a little I of pain and regret into a big I of inclusive fullness. This is so much greater than just ‘finding happiness’. It is returning home.

Its time to release the thrashing boogey-man, come out from under the cover of darkness, and remember who you are.

That is the gift of our time.


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  1. Louise

    Yes, there is a shift occurring which is very palpable as we are seeing in politics, intuitive, more highly-evolved indigo children arriving – not a coincidence — it is enough to restore hope!

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  5. Bojan

    What kind of point,known historically,do you have in mind? Maybe the mythic fall of Atlantis? Or maybe something else?
    I was reading about past golden ages when the majority of people were enlightened but i never understod how and why that could happen… Also why people,who were “as if” enlightened,would “lose” such a high consciousness. I mean if it was such a good time why would anyone want to lose that? Can you please explain? Thanks.

    1. Hi Bojan
      Just as there are cycles of day and night and the seasons, so too are there cycles of clarity of consciousness. These are called Yugas in India or the Greek Ages. I explored the framework here:

      Within that cycle there is some unevenness. During the last descent, there was a precipitous drop at one point that left a lot of souls with an unresolved shadow.

      Keep in mind this was a global shift. What we now mythologize as Atlantis was part of that. There are also historical references to current India. There was what we’d now call a brief World War.

      We’re now in a time of a precipitous climb in consciousness that is accelerating. That old shadow can be resolved now. But this is bringing a lot of stuff to the surface to be seen and resolved. A lot of people don’t understand this and are making things worse for themselves instead.

      On Golden ages, it’s very simple. For a long time, people are careful to maintain the understanding of what maintains it. But gradually, the very awake die off and the understanding gets lost. The numbers start to go down so the higher group consciousness is not maintained.

      If someone has not actually shifted but is just enjoying “as-if”, they’ll loose it when the group drops. It’s much like spending time around someone very awake. We get a natural high that then fades when we leave.

      No one wants to loose it. But it happens all the time.

      This pattern also happens repeatedly around great sages. Someone comes along like Buddha or Jesus and creates a great revival. Hundreds are enlightened. And many more over time. The understanding lasts for 3-400 years. But then some distortion creeps in, people stop becoming as enlightened, the teaching devolves into concepts and then into dogma. A religion is born.

      The key is enough people having actual shifts with a core group of the very established. This is now dawning.

      10 years ago, I could list the number of people I’d met who where awake on one hand. Now I have tea with more than that many every week. And know many more.

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