I have talked quite a bit about how everything is either fullness or resistance to fullness. Some describe silence as emptiness. This is also true, another perspective of it. But as is the way of something that is inclusive of everything, the emptiness has a rich fullness. (laughs) Much as free will vs determinism is resolved in the One, fullness and emptiness are both aspects of the One. Beyond duality, there are no opposites, just different aspects. Paradoxically, the ultimate paradox resolves all paradoxes.

Today, my mate was listening to a prosperity program called “Choosing Prosperity” and a quote from a series of short audio clips caught my ear.

“Resistance, the way we block the flow… Resistance is something that is not real. It is just how you’re holding your attention.”
— Elyse Hope Killoran

‘Holding your attention’ – that is resistance in a nutshell. Attachment they call it in the east. This is not the light holding of intention but the holding against. That is the subtle but important distinction. That holding actually creates energy barriers in the energy flow that manifest in disruptions to the flow in our physical body. We call it stress. Its also known as karma, although this is using the word imprecisely.

It manifests in illness and disorder, not just in the body, but in our emotions, our mind, and our lives as a whole. If you are not happy most of the time, you are suffering from the disorder of resistance. We call it suffering.


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