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Watch Now

Here is an amusing little juxtaposition – a wristwatch, which of course we use to tell the time, with the word “NOW” written across the face. A little something to remind you to be present when you look at the time, so often when we are least present. And that reminder is their goal.

The site reminds us what Now is in some other languages: Spanish – Ahora, Dutch – Nu, German – Jetzt, Greek – τώρα, Italian – Ora, Portuguese – Agora, Russian – Теперь

Of course a watch won’t bring you presence. Only awareness can do that. To truly be now, we have to shift from being an individual experiencing presence to being the Now, experiencing an individual. What they call awakening. But it usually takes some practice to culture that, to prepare for the experience and prepare to drop enough resistance for the Now to shine through. Even after we awaken, there can often be some old habits of mind that try to creep back in. In either case, some gentle reminders are very useful. The company of the wise. Our inner practice. And the timeless, writ large across our timepiece.  😉


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