Deepest Being

Deepest Being

Back on the post How Deep?, I asked if it was going too deep to try and define what gives rise to existence in a blog format like this. In comments here and over at, it became apparent the real issue is if one can offer clarity in a short article. Certainly there are those sutras of wisdom like ‘All this is That’ or ‘everything is Being’. They offer clarity in the moment but not a framework with which to understand the world we experience. A context that can satisfy the mind to get it out of the way.

Firstly, let’s get clear about what I mean by existence or being. We may use being to define our life, our person, our sense of self, or just the pure concept of existence. Being is all of these. As I have observed elsewhere, Descartes “I think, therefore I am” is an ego perception from identification with the mind, that thinking means existence. Really, this implies existence is an idea that results from thinking, just as many think consciousness arises from brain functioning. This causality is upside down. The being I speak of is the existence that exists prior to any-thing else. It includes everything, but is no thing. First we are, then we move into experience, and thinking, feeling, etc.

You may consider a question about what is before being or causes being to be foolish. From an intellectual standpoint, we are stepping outside the bounds of what the mind can discover in itself. Indeed, in stepping past all expression into just being, we are stepping beyond anything science can postulate. But as we are that, it is not beyond our ability to know. Our existence can be found in knowing ourselves. And in knowing existence, we come to understand all of what is. This is not an intellectual exercise but a description of what is. But it is mighty deep.

In the beginning, there is nothing. No existence, no space, no mind, not even possibility. It is beyond even omnipresence as it is beyond space. We cannot say it Is. Its beyond that, yet not beyond anything as it is not ‘elsewhere’. No words can possibly describe it, but it is the stuffless stuff of everything. It is the essence of who we are and what becomes.

“Within” that which has no place arises what we might call a principle, a principle of alertness. As there is no object, there is no perception. There is nothing to be alert to. It is simply a principle of awake. The seer that does not see.

Then follows a principle of what may best be described as speech. What we might call vibration or flow. Only there is no expression, simply a principle. The speaker who does not speak. It is the potential of expression.
From that place, this is the only reality. The trine of emptiness with alert restfulness, within Itself.

The alertness becomes alert to itself. This enlivens the speaker and awareness begins to move, within Itself. The alertness curves back on Itself (its all self-referent) and becomes aware of Itself. This attention causes existence to be as awareness is now self-aware. It is. We are because we are aware. As this flow is also love, we could also say in love existence is sustained. In the recognition of awareness to Itself, the ‘seer’ aspect begins to flow and the process of perception arises. This flow is called Veda or knowledge as it has a direction, an embedded intelligence. Existence becomes intelligent, thus intelligence becomes existent. This flowing love is the fullness of awareness.  Yep, deep. (laughs)

There is a profundity to all that is. Awareness becomes self-aware at every ‘scale’, like a seafoam of bubbles of awareness. This bubble of object-subject is the seed of space and the flow is the seed of time.

The next value we might call the mind of God, an infinite playing field of possibility. It is formed by the boundary of curved awareness. A simple idea on the mind field from the play of other awareness bubbles gives rise to what we might call a creation. What may also be described as Maya, the dream of God. (both the illusion and the ladder aspects of Maya)

We might note here that God is not limited by one idea or thought. There are many, each completely unique creations. Not parallel. Not Universes – that’s much more shallow. This dream arises in what we might call a celebration. “Let there be light” from Genesis in the Bible. “Agnim Ile” from the first richa of the Rg Ved. The light of consciousness becoming.

In a nutshell, that is the foundation of all that is and its reflected in every value of everything, at every scale. As above, so below. Within the dream are a series of levels, similar to the above, like a mirror but at a less refined value. Expression stages down in the same pattern as how nothing became. Our universe forms at the 6th stage, one might say like a pearl on a necklace of Brahma. (egg shaped pearl, BTW. Called Hiranya Garbha in the vedas) One universe amongst many, each a unique combination. And within our universe, a dream within the dream, our world is formed and the dream of the individual arises.

Unified field arises within the dream of Universe as a reflection or mirror of the mind field of creation.

Thus we live in a dream within a dream within a dream, within awareness. These are the 3 Mayas or dreams to wake up from. After one awakes, the dreams remain, but they are seen as dreams and as the stepping stones to higher knowledge.

However we look at it, we see the same patterns repeating at ever more localized scales. The 3 of the trine is reflected back on itself to become 7 and that is mirrored in things like the 7 chakras. The process of awareness becoming steps through vibration, subtle form, into field, into form. (but that’s a whole ‘nother subject)

I would not say this is the ultimate truth. Partly because it’s just words. But also because every time one thinks “ah, this is the ultimate reality”, some deeper value comes along to surprise us. But the main points are there.

It’s also worthwhile to note that you don’t have to know or understand or experience any of this stuff. It simply offers a framework into which we can place our experience and being while we move out of what we once thought real, into the deeper truths. Having a framework that will hold up satisfies the mind and allows us to allow. To be with what is and open to ever greater values of being.

Hope you liked that brief tour of being, what is.

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  1. David –

    You gave me inner view of being. I am but I am not being. Very interesting. I begin to understand roots of ego. As you’ve said ego itself is not bad, it is the consciousness in which we allow ego to take place that matters.

    You are way over my head but I am trying to learn ropes from you. 🙂


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  15. Sandesh Sheth

    Davidya – I have seen your Batgap interview multiple times and it blows me away each time. How do I embark on this journey? It may happen in this lifetime or not, but I need to take the first step. I dont know what it is.

  16. Thanks, Sandesh. Well – I do summarize many years in there.

    You are already on the the journey. The first step is making it a more conscious one. A spiritual practice that connects you to who you are within is primary. One that brings samadhi/ turiya/ presence. For that I recommend an effortless meditation. TM was my tool but there are other similar ones that have branched from the same source.

  17. Gayanee

    I know you asked for feed back 7 years ago.. Hehe… makes sense for the most part.
    “In the beginning, there is nothing. No existence, no space, no mind, not even possibility. It is beyond even omnipresence as it is beyond space. We cannot say it Is. Its beyond that, yet not beyond anything as it is not ‘elsewhere’. No words can possibly describe it, but it is the stuffless stuff of everything. It is the essence of who we are and what becomes.”
    A great pointer. I loved reading this. The ‘knowing’ of this that can’t be described, how is that possible? Even though the knowing is there, my mind wonders how is it that it’s possible that we can know this when it’s even beyond knowing. Simple answer may be because we are that and the deepest essence of mind is that. But mind is not satisfied with that. I do have a very analytical mind. So that could be the culprit! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.. Though I feel like you get what I mean :0

    “Within” that which has no place arises what we might call a principle, a principle of alertness.”
    Again the mind wants to know.. Why? What’s causing that to arise?

  18. Hi Gayanee
    Keep in mind this blog has been evolving as I have. Earlier articles use some different language and come from a bit different place.

    We can know it because we are it. Within expression, we have the dynamics of consciousness. We know through experiencing. Prior to that, we know because we are. It is never beyond knowing.

    Some do say otherwise, calling it “the mystery”, etc. But I see it as knowable at some point. Part of a recent discussion with some of the Sophia panel members.

    (laughs) yep – I have an analytical mind too.

    What drives the alertness to be alert? The other principle I didn’t recognize yet, the principle of liveliness. I used the word speech (relating to the 4 levels of speech talked about elsewhere). This is the Shiva and the Shakti, inherent in That.

    But this isn’t a “cause” because nothing is yet happening.

  19. by the way – the “too deep” was a bit of a pun. For the first 5 or so years of this blog, it was called “In2Deep”.

    There was also several other active blogs like Takuin’s where we cross-discussed topics. The others have gone quiet. Most of the discussions are now in email and other forums.

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