A New Earth

A New Earth

The Book, that is. Just in Amazon.ca and noticed the best seller list had Tolle’s A New Earth in twice. One edition is at #8, the other is at #1. 2 different publishers, slightly different covers. And one is over $4 cheaper, selling at half of list.

$7.75 for a brand new earth? Sounds like a good deal  😉

At least I’m not being swarmed with cross-promotion. So many authors these days cross promote each others work. I want to know about it but don’t need 5 emails in one day. They also do this ‘order now and get free bonuses’ thing that publishers like Hay House have taken to an extreme. I know they’re trying to get concentrated sales to make “best seller” status, critical exposure for a new book. But most of the free bonuses turn out to be first chapter excerpts from other authors and many require you to jump through hoops AND get added to their email address list for still more cross-promotion.

Dunno about you but I’d rather see a couple of quality bonuses I can just have, rather than more material and more hoops than I can possibly even check let alone read. If all these authors are in one stable, how about a little customer relationship management?


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