Embedded Intention

Embedded Intention

Inherent within all life and laws of nature is Intention. Directed consciousness. Energy with direction.
“[T]here’s a kind of intention, a kind of goal-directedness inherent in the very nature of life in the most fundamental processes that enable embryos to grow and even protein molecules to form. And I think that the kind of conscious intention we experience as part of our mental life has its background in this goal-directedness which is inherent in all living creatures, and is an essential part of the nature of life and an essential part of the nature of the organizing fields that organize living organisms.” — Rupert Sheldrake

Read more in a fascinating discussion  between Rupert Sheldrake and Dean Radin of Noetics.


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  1. Just came home from the library with one of Sheldrake’s books, and found this on your blog. I receive “Shift” magazine, and the e-zine from IONS, but had not read this yet. The concept of embedded intention reminds me of a topic in “Seth Speaks” where it is said that all life seeks value fulfillment. How does this impact our consciously chosen intentions, I wonder? BTW, your banner is stunning! Wow!

  2. David

    Sheldrake is a fascinating thinker. I’ve seen him speak. I’ve read Shift a few times but don’t have the time to cover all the material Noetics provides. Fabulous resources though.

    I would suggest the seeking is the impulse to return. But if you explore the nature and behavior of existence, you find that within all of the flow of life and expression is intention. Not just in our thoughts, but the basic intelligence that infuses everything. Intention is vastly more powerful than we realize.

    And thanks for the compliments on the banner. I had fun with it.

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