Wisdom Intention

Wisdom Intention

Intention is the driver of all things in the world. It brings everything into our life and propels us forward. But there are, we could say, 2 kinds of intention.

There are the intentions that come from a me. These may be driven by good thoughts but they can also come from a place of want and separation, disconnected from our place in the whole. However good we may be trying, they can create problems and reinforce the ego sense.

When we intend from wisdom, the Saraswati value, intention has the embedded intelligence of the divine in it. It always comes from the context of the whole and stands with all of nature behind it. You can bet which will be more effective and satisfying.

Our ability to connect with divine wisdom will be variable. But all of us have that ability if we are willing to open the door. It is the very stuff of which we are made, the remarkable capacity and integration of every aspect of our being.

Many of us call this wisdom our intuition. At first, it will be easiest to connect with that by taking a step back before we step forward. Turn within and connect with our inner wholeness. Our quiet peace. Listen to what arises or how it feels when we consider our goal. Consider from whence a desire is arising. If fear arises, is it fear of moving forward or a warning flag? Do we feel a green light? Or is there a yellow there, some tuning of the approach needed.

As we learn to feel our way through life, we awaken the intelligence of the heart. An intelligence that goes far deeper than anything the mind can muster. It is the intelligence of creation itself.

When we give our attention to the best arising in us, our life flowers in abundance.

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