Vasishtha’s Guidance

Vasishtha’s Guidance

One of the most illustrious of the Vedic sages is Vasishtha. He was the guru of Rama, an avatar (embodiment) of Vishnu. The Yoga Vasishtha is the story of his teachings within the Ramayana. It expounds points of Yoga and Vedanta.

There, he discusses the percentage of meditators in a population required to improve the quality of life for everyone. And about group practice of yogic flying for the same, and the stages of flying. About the seven stages of enlightenment. (Many of these details are missing from the abridged works that make the text a more reasonable size.) And fascinating stories that illustrate the nature of reality.

Vasishtha was married and the author of the 7th mandala (of 10) of the Rig Veda. Plus a couple of Puranas, etc. He taught in a school by the now long dried up Saraswati River in western India. He was one of the saptarishis or 7 most illustrious seers of the era. Many of these seers also wrote nadi leaves to assist future generations.

I wrote previously about getting my Agastya nadi leaf read 5 years ago (!). Then did a followup article a year later.nadi leaves

Some of the less likely things predicted have happened. A few things happened a little early or late. And a few things didn’t happen. This is an effect of free will through the course of my life.

The major recommended remedy has restored gender balance to my entire family.

There was no mention of the health journey I’ve been on in the last couple of years. However, that’s clearly karmic. It’s often important that such experiences arise with innocence, so we process them without a bunch of expectations.

Recently, a friend did a second nadi reading with a leaf from the sage Vasishtha. She said there was an overlap with her Agastya leaf but good new information. The idea of advice from such an illustrious sage inspired me. I booked an appointment, we did the search and found my leaf in the second bundle.

There was some overlap in content, but the perspective was very different, with a distinct emphasis. The current unfolding teaching is driven by a past life influence, that he described. (It’s good to be conscious of such things.) He talked of coaching, which is something I just started formally. Furthermore, he detailed two very distinct abilities that are to come.

It was also clear that some trends had shifted because of the new karmic landscape, post treatment. I’d say the new leaf complemented the first, and they seemed to anticipate each other.

As usual, Vasishtha prescribed a couple of simple remedies, though apparently mine are uncommon ones.

There are 18 different Maharishi’s who have written palm leaves that have survived the centuries. Some, like the two I’ve found, are general. Others are more specific. Vera mentioned she’s found 5 leaves for herself over the years.

Such a fascinating thing, to receive the gift of advice from an illustrious sage.

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  1. Harriet

    I had a reading via Vera a couple of years ago. It was pretty accurate so far though the major event occurred about 18 months after predicted. I hadn’t realised you could have more than one. I’m going to see if Vera could set one up. Thanks for this very interesting post.

  2. Peter Goodman

    Thank you for the post, David.
    I am having the search for a second Palm Leaf on December 22, 2023.
    I was totally inspired by the Agustyr Maharishi Naadi Palm leaf reading in 2022. It took me awhile to get through the recommended remedies. But I made it in the first quarter of 2023.
    I choose to see if there is a Palm Leaf that is a conversation between Shiva and Parvathi. If there is a leaf, it sounded interesting what could be revealed. We will see.
    I am excited.
    I am amazed that the mysteries of life can be so transparent to a highly Enlightened Being where time is not an obstruction.
    Thank you again David!

    1. Exciting, Peter.
      The remedies from the first leaf took me about 9 months. Longer than usual, apparently. Pretty effective though.
      Just 2 remedies on this one but they’re monthly, so it will take 5.

      I’ve had the experience of all time in the present, and being able to run down someones timeline and their inter-related events. But being able to use that in a practical way for thousands of people centuries in the future is many levels more advanced. 🙂

  3. Priya

    Hi David
    Your post is very timely! I have been umming and aahing about whether to look for a 2nd palm leaf.
    I am teetering between Bhrigu and Vasishtha Maharishis and have not decided which one to choose. Do you know anyone who had Bhrigu? I might Google him to see what he was about.

    1. Hi Priya
      Bhrigu was one of the founders of Jyotish. His nadis are driven by jyotish, similar to Vasishtha and Agastya. Thus, they’d have a similar nature but like above, will add a different perspective.
      There’s a slightly higher chance of finding a Bhrigu nadi than a Vasishtha one.

      The guidance of some of the other leaves varies a bit, like from Shiva or herbs instead.

      Listen to your heart for a decision. You can always do the other later sometime.

  4. harrison

    thanks for article – I’ll have to check my tape of the reading I did a couple of years ago through Vera. I don’t remember any remedies or insights into specific or general issues that have shown up and/or keep showing up. interesting to hear others had a different experience.

    1. Hi Harrison
      Actually, the purpose of the reading is the remedies. They’re at the end. Generally, Vera sends you a sheet listing them, though they vary from a couple or 9 or 10. There also can be an optional fire ceremony. Highly recommended in my experience.

  5. Priya

    Hi David, you mention above that there was no mention of your health journey and reason that it’s karmic and innocence is required. But surely the entire contents of the reading are karmic? Isn’t that a major factor in creating the reading? I don’t see why health is treated differently. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Priya
      Good question. The leaves are designed to offer remedies for the current time in our lives. They make some predictions and describe some of our circumstances but they can’t possible cover everything. Plus, free will is still in play, so we may not take opportunities that arise or we may resolve issues so they don’t appear in our lives. Given they were written thousands of years ago, the accuracy is pretty amazing. They tend to be very specific to the time of the reading.

      In the case of my health journey, it was made clear to me early on that it was an experience I needed to go through. As such, a nadi remedy would not have been helpful. And knowing about it ahead of time would have distorted the experience. Just my speculation, but it seems that’s why something this important wasn’t mentioned in either leaf. However, this 2nd leaf did mention the side effects I’m dealing with now.

      I still recommend a nadi reading as I’ve learned from both and the remedies have been effective.

  6. Priya

    Hmmm I have been pondering this because something similar happened to me. My first reading in 2019 did not mention a health journey, which I can see was kind of inevitable particularly in how it linked to the spiritual process that was already happening. The gravity of it was immense though. If I had known about it, it is true that I would have taken steps to try to reduce the severity (the situation itself was unavoidable).
    It seems to me though that things that are mentioned in the readings have a lot of leeway not just for free will but for other situational factors. For example, meeting a partner, having a family, doing certain types of work etc all require other aspects to also come together.
    When it is just us (and ‘our free will’) and other situational aspects are not really required, then it seems it’s not provided to ensure karmic balance is kept and not distorted.
    I’m not sure how much sense I am making but I can feel it better than I can describe it!

    1. Hi Priya
      Knowing what’s to come doesn’t just cause us to take steps but also can create expectations and fear or grasping. That lack of innocence can make it worse (that varies).

      And yes, you make sense. There were some things that matched between the 2 leaves but there were also a couple of things that changed. Like in the relationship status of a family member. Circumstances had apparently evolved.

      The leaves can have a lot of “possibles” but also some distinct predictions. Yet even there, how we respond to events makes a big difference in how it’s experienced and unfolds.

      The basic principles are simple but things get complex fast, especially when you see if from the perspective of the arc of multiple lifetimes, and the interrelationships with others, plus karmic dynamics.

      And really, the leaves are not about prediction. That’s mainly there to help validate the contents for us and to encourage doing the remedies. They’re to help us navigate a time of transition.

  7. Priya

    Yes, things get complex really fast. I do have an appointment to look for a second leaf but what I noticed this time was that it had been floating around in my mind for some months but I was not too concerned with knowing about the future (plus the cost of it). Things became particularly intense for a few months and then one day it hit me – it was needed as the remedies would/could help smooth this difficult transition period out. Particularly as many of things that would normally work were not really working. L. That was when I reached out to Vera.
    My appointment is next week. No idea what will come of it but it seems obvious that this is the direction to take.

    1. Exactly, Priya. I’d thought about doing another reading but nothing called. And then a friend mentioned getting a Vasishtha reading and suddenly, I knew I should do that too. And indeed, the leaf content was for the current time.

      1. Priya

        It’s funny how that happens. I think it was around the time you originally put out this blog post too. Sort of like a nudge from life. But when the knowing is cellular the you know to go in that direction
        Shall see what happens now.

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