Waves in the Collective

Waves in the Collective

Mandrogy Collective by Larry Koester
Mandrogy Collective by Larry Koester

As you settle deeper and deeper into your universal nature, you become increasingly aware of various qualities flowing through the collective.

They arise in awareness as qualities like emotions or tendencies. Unlike our own emotions, they’re more generic and moving through the environment.

We can feel a buildup of tendencies, then a release, suggesting an event has taken place. This could be something that shows up in our experience, on the news, or is only a more subtle shift or an event we’re unaware of.

Or we feel an emotion moving through. This can be anything. For example, during the Vancouver Olympics, there was a palpable joy and sense of celebration in the air for the duration. Troublemakers tried to start a riot but failed, in a place where a riot had happened before.

More commonly, we’ll notice a wave of fear, or anxiety, anger, or other emotion seeking resolution. Feelings we have some history with will tend to be more prominent, partly because of affinity and partly because we’ll have a learned facility for processing them.

This can also be a great time to process our own related stuff. As we move past that, we can help process what’s arising in the collective.

There are many things that may drive such waves, including the cycles of time, strong experiences in the collective, karma, and so on.

How we personally experience this process depends on how our makeup relates to and responds to the above.

Many people live in resistance to hunks of their experience. They are more prone to feel restless, anxious, or a little paranoid about subtle shifts, just outside their awareness. Other people and events get blamed. They don’t process what’s arising but resist it yet again.

But with a little energy awareness and healing skills, we can help shift the tide in our own life and that of the whole.

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  1. Ron

    “This can also be a great time to process our own related stuff. As we move past that, we can help process what’s arising in the collective.“

    That which is arising in the collective is felt to be our own if similar to past issues already resolved. It can get confusing when there seems no issue to be resolved, the arising emotion seems to come from nowhere, not expected. The experience “I don’t understand what’s happening” is strong.

    The concept and understanding of “arising from the collective” places an entirely new perspective on recent events. Care must be taken to ensure it’s not my issue and then let it ride gently through without attention or action. It’s easier to process and release when “not yours”.

    1. Right, Ron.
      It can take experience to differentiate. And yet at the same time, the “not yours” experience comes when our attachment to what is arising fades. When we can just observe what arises personally and collectively, we can let it “ride gently through” in either case.

      However, it’s still useful to recognize whats mine in case there is anything else we need to do about it, like a circumstance to address that’s giving us grief. Or an intuitive signal calling for change.

      It’s a pretty major change as we’ve been in some form of attachment and resistance for many lifetimes prior.

  2. Conley

    Right on! Definitely feel this. So much so that I actually yelled out that I needed a “get home free card” for a day to chill. This was the run up to the election, and it was simply too intense. Thanks for confirming this. You’re the best!

    1. Hi Conley
      I can relate. Sometimes, collective stuff disrupts sleep, etc. However, you also live in one of the worlds larger laundromats. Because of the capacity of the group to process, much greater intensity can arise there.

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