Elemental Healing

Elemental Healing

Du néant à nulle part by Hervé Simon
Du néant à nulle part by Hervé Simon

I often write here about energy healing as it’s very useful to understand the principles. This can help us process what is coming up in our experience and resolve it.

So often, we resist or try to control what’s happening, impeding a smooth experience. This can leave residues behind that will have to be resolved in the future.

Yet when we learn the basics, we can process what’s arising now and from the past. This shifts the trend from adding to the pile to resolving our history. This leads to a progressively better quality of life and supports the spiritual path. We can’t go far if we’re immersed in a fog of unresolved experiences.

Initially, the key is that simple awareness. Allowing what is arising to be experienced in simple awareness. No judgment or trying to control.

As we gain more skill, we can introduce “flavours” to the energy.

But first, we need a basic understanding of the elements. There are 5 basic elements or degrees of density in what we experience. The elements have a relationship with the senses, the state of compounds, and with the koshas.

Element State Sense Kosha
Earth Solid Smell Physical
Water Liquid Taste Emotions
Fire Plasma Sight Mind
Air Gas Touch Intellect
Space Vacuum Hearing Sound Causal/ Celestial

When we feel into a contraction, the dominant energy will be an emotion. Yet we may notice other qualities and that may invite a certain approach. For example, we may feel inclined to flow light into a shadow. Then we may add a colour to the light that feels right.

Or perhaps we’re more attuned to sound, so we’ll add tones or vibrations. David Frawley’s book Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound describes using mantra for different areas of the body. However, I recommend going with the flow and using what feels right. The mantra for that body part, for example, may not be the optimal sound for a specific healing.

Rather than fixed rules or concepts, the key is going with the feeling, the flow, and need of the time. What works magically one time may not be the right solution later.

We also have to allow for time itself. When the time is right, the signal will happen and the process will flow. When it’s not quite the right time, there won’t be clarity.

As always, healing is about feeling our way into where there is resistance. Or seeing through a story that comes up in the mind.

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  1. Leroy

    Thank you! Its amazing that once we are stepping more into consciousness that we can sense which level all things are on around us. The ability to understand these states, senses and so on allow us to flow. It allows us to feel our way thru situations that pop up. Sensing (for lack of a better word) the signs around us. They are everywhere. Once we are conscious enough to “see” these signs, they become huge neon signs or road side billboards! The ego certainly likes to step in though. There may be a clear sign saying “Best Route Ahead” and yet the ego tells us it knows better, take a right down that dark bumpy road…haha
    Some may be aware of any of the several elements listed above. I think many may master 1 or 2 and think they have all the answers. Once we are able to be “playing” with all these and tasting the “flavors” of all, that we truly are on the hero’s journey….Enjoying the quality of life, as you said, thought to not be possible.
    Thank you again sir!

    1. Hi Leroy
      Yes, there can certainly be that transitional period where ego is second-guessing our intuitive knowing and sensing. Trust can take time to grow.

      And yes, it continues to open up over time, although we all will have tendencies to one or another and what we use develops. I’m more visual for example. Others may lean more on sound or feel.

  2. Leroy

    I notice several different ones and for the longest never gave them a second thought. Always played things off as coincidence but there is no such thing. Emotion, sounds, some visual, even smell. There is so much around me trying to tell me a story lol

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