Collective Growth

Collective Growth

featherWe’re in a time where the unresolved is being pushed the surface to be seen and released. Old structures and routines are being shaken to their core.

It’s easy to fall into fear in times like these. But better to use the time for introspection, for letting go of what has not been serving, and for looking at life anew.

When the old falls away, new doors open. But if we try to hold to the old, it will drag us down.

This is not an end for anyone. Our souls are eternal. But it is a change for many. If we see this process as an opportunity for healing and growth, we can ride the wave forward with much less difficulty.

It’s useful to understand that we’re in a time of transition to an upgrade. Many people have woken now, especially since late 2006.

The vast majority of the awake continue in more or less the same life. However, they come to experience themselves as the collective.

From this perspective, the usual inner work continues. Only now, they’re not healing the personal body, they’re healing the collective and cosmic body.

Typically, we develop skills in certain areas based on the shadows we’ve cleared in ourselves. We’ll have a resonance with anger or fear or whatever. Only now we find it in the collective rather than “personally.” Or we’ll find collective shadows with a personal connection.

Because of the variety of affiliations and of what is clear in this or that person, there is enormous variety in what each is bringing to the table.

As long as they’re not caught in some concept of being done, they are supporting the whole. They are snowplows for the world, helping clear the way.

The vast majority of people are doing this very quietly within. Most of the awake are not analytical like myself, busy giving words to the experience. They simply live their life in a new normal.

Some of these awake have moved on to higher stages. The further along, the more the cosmic is conscious and the more directly and broadly we can work with the collective.

For example, some can work with laws of nature they have a relationship with to help facilitate progress. Or they’re helping to wake dormant ones up to move the collective forward. It’s happening on many fronts.

Some are also supplementing their own work with techniques like the Yoga siddhis or Divine Shakti’s or other tools.

Such techniques can be done collectively by syncing when you practice. When it’s the same consciousness doing the same practice at the same time, it’s amplified exponentially.

There are also groups doing large-scale sync of meditation times for similar reasons. Awakening not required.

It was the hope that the above would be enough to smooth the transition. It has certainly helped, but the groups have been hard to sustain. There are still too many holding on to their traumas in the collective.

Yet the clock is ticking. We could say the transition has a timetable. The train is leaving the station, ready or not.

We’ve entered an intensity in the pattern of cosmic cycles. According to experts, April will be very challenging. But after the first week of May, things will gradually ease, winding down in the fall. Economic consequences are expected to continue for a time thereafter.

Please remember this is a collective cycle. How this will impact you personally will vary widely. For some, the changes will be small. For others, it will be deeply challenging and their life will change completely. Others will thrive. For many, it will be somewhere in the middle.

It’s important to understand this is a collective upgrade. The key is not being smart or strong but being flexible, to paraphrase Charles Darwin. What was is falling away. But what’s coming will be an improvement if we can be flexible and let go of our past.

Follow the light, follow the love, follow the peace and all will be well.

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  1. Jim

    Hi David, Good advice. For many this time and acceleration is a challenge, but as always for those living cosmic life, this continues to be a time of unparalleled support. There is very little difference between now and then, except things have gotten easier, more fulfilling.
    The cosmic life always knows what time it is, and acts accordingly. There is no need to consult this or that, the tune is always heard and moved to appropriately, without any confusion or second guessing.
    Not to say that world events go unnoticed or unheeded, there is always work to do, but the work is performed easily, and any waves, even the largest ones are seen in a cosmic perspective, ever moving towards perfection.
    Cosmic life allows this direct participation, and consequently, little to no disturbance, simply adjustment to the collective, and ongoing success in all domains.

  2. Jean

    Well said David, interesting times indeed.
    I recently found the sub-reddit page “awakened” and was astonished that it had over 100.000 members.
    I am not saying that every member is awake but that so many are interested in it is a good sign.

  3. George Robinson

    “Some will move, others will be moved, and those that refuse to move will be removed” or something like that. Been waiting for this for a long time. Nice to see that Charlie was telling us the truth. He always did, and I’m so profoundly grateful for having been born in this time and to have gone through it all will so many, many others. Personally, I’m kind of excited! Thanks, Davidya (and Lorn). Let’s do this…bye, hut, we’re off the the palace.

  4. Bob

    Thank you so much for continuing to make your thoughts and knowledge available to those of us (hopefully soon) to be awakened. Reading your words is like an advanced technique turbo charging my progress.

  5. Erin Smith

    “According to experts, April will be very challenging. But after the first week of May, things will gradually ease, winding down in the fall.”
    David can you relay any good sources who expound on this? I’d like to read more. Thank you for the article!

    1. Hi Erin
      Many Jyotishi’s have been saying similar. I listened to James Kelleher’s 2020 World talk and more recently, he’s done the jyotish of the virus. I don’t see the latter on his web site yet, but it should be soon.
      Bernie’s comment below also touches on some of the cycles coming up. The flowering is supposed to be 2024+
      We’ll see…

  6. Bernie

    Hi David,
    “…we’re in a time of transition to an upgrade…” – We truly are in the midst of a transformation to a better time for mankind. It’s so exciting! It may look turbulent or fearful for some or for many, but it’s all part of the phase transition.

    This also reminds me of what a jyotish friend of mine said last year about the alignment of all the 9 planets by mid-September 2020: the purification we’re witnessing now in the world is due to the current simultaneous transits of 4 planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu).

    And as 2020 progresses, the other 5 planets “will be transiting their exaltation and own signs off and on. Thus, “…all 9 planets will be transiting their own exaltation and own signs by September 2020”.

    Then “…on September 13, 14, 15 of 2020, 8 out of the 9 planets will be simultaneously transiting their own signs…”

    He continued, “…this is an extremely rare occurrence. It has not occurred in our lifetimes and it will not occur again as it happens every 500 years or more. It will trigger a significant tipping point in human evolution and should produce a greater degree of well being and progress for the entire planet…”

    He also said, “…between 1/23/2020 (the start of the Saturn transit) and September 18, 2020, all of the children born within this period will have these 4 transit planets (Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn) in their own signs in their charts. This tells us that these children will be older souls and when they reach maturity at the age of 29 – 31, they will step forward to become the new world leaders…”

    When I think of all these including what you said “…we’re in a time of transition to an upgrade…”, it makes me smile to think that the novel corona virus is a friend to mankind after all. Lol! It’s forcing mankind to deal with this transformation head on, mother nature’s way to make things happen for the good of all.

    1. Thanks, Bernie. Not sure of some of this timing. Rahu goes into exaltation in November, after that. And some of the dynamics promise economic challenges, obvious if business are shut down for several months. Jupiter is moving into debilitation but comes to it’s own sign in 2023.
      This year promises to be volatile. But we’ll see what actually unfolds. There are billions of people making choices of how to respond to circumstances every day. Just a small shift by enough people will create waves, like the Italians singing on their balconies or New Yorkers banging pots at 7 every evening.
      But yes, even the children of the boomers are coming in more “woke.” Their children will be even more so.
      It is indeed a remarkable time we’ve been hearing about for decades. Already, there are people living stages I’d never heard of.
      Not sure I’d call it a friend. Or even tough love. But certainly a force to learn from. One that will shape many lives.

  7. Michael Jaksch

    Hi David!

    Was deeply moved by this article!

    Because i am deeply involved in this (not by choice but by how “i” am….what laws are functioning here….as Dorothy said i am a powerful healer)….
    I am aware of the powerful influence of you and the “canadian crew” 😀
    So much is happening right now…..but there is sooooo much darkness and unconsciousness …..i hope that …there are enough so that the shift is more smoother and it does not escalate.

    Much love to you David!

    1. Thanks, Michael.
      Yes, callings are not a choice. We can resist but that just leads to struggle.
      🙂 The crew is actually pretty widespread and now gathers online rather on the Canadian west coast.
      Yes, and it’s a tricky balance. Too much light or not enough can lead to destruction. Enough awakeness can find the middle way.
      Big Love!

        1. Hi Anne
          The reference is actually to a few things. LuciaLorn have moved their retreats online making them much cheaper.
          But they also offer a program for the clearly awake who can operate from the celestial. By using Divine Shakti’s on that level, it enlivens them in the collective. By doing synced group practice, it’s amplified.

  8. Lewis Oakwood

    Hi David, these strange days and your article reminded me when as a child at school we would create one of those symmetry paintings: squeezing some paint onto one side of a piece of paper, folding the second side over the paint, and pressing our hand over the top sheet then, with curiosity we waited to see what the outcome would be, we would open up the folded paper to reveal, usually, the symmetrical design of a butterfly, and everyone’s butterfly was uniquely their own.

    On one occasion, as a collective, we had to create a little street each of us working with cardboard and paper mache to build trees, shops, a post office, a playground, lamposts, etc…excited to see how it would all turn out.

  9. Bill

    Great stuff David. It is certainly a blessing to be moved by truth and be a part of the process of discovery which then reflects that very truth back over you. Many of us, as you so often mention, have been experiencing the changes in the collective and the repositioning of mother earth in the process, knowing full well that this change is at hand.

    At the same time, the specific clarity of events and timing are not quite so apparent and that is why your presence and those who you bring along on this site, become so important. It is nice for those of us who respond to the field intuitively, although with direction and truth, to then read the wonderful substantiating words on your site! Many thanks to you and those other knowledgeable commenters for your putting definitive words to the process!

  10. scott

    Hi David,
    I have had a lot of the same thoughts recently
    I also had a kind of realization the other day while meditating which i don’t think I’ve ever had before , (not so clearly anyway) it seems timely.

    I had the awareness that all living beings will become enlightened one day and that (in a way) they are already enlightened ; that the process towards that eventuality (although necessary) is an illusion. The realization was very hopeful . just felt like sharing it 🙂

    1. Hi Scott
      Right. In a sense, enlightenment is inevitable. And yes, from one perspective, they already all are. But each soul has to discover this for itself so that enlightenment moves into all the details.Then the purpose of the whole thing is fulfilled.

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