Experiencing the Cosmic Body

Experiencing the Cosmic Body

The Cosmic Body is the body of all bodies. It is a deep idea-form in cosmic mind (on the level I call creation) that is the model for our form and contains all bodies in all of space and time in all universes.

This is well beyond the personal mind, so it can’t make much sense of this level of inclusiveness. And yet, for more and more people, this reality is unfolding.

In Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita*, Prince Arjuna asks Krishna to show him his true form. Eventually, Krishna obliges, overwhelming Arjuna. It’s like experiencing everything all at once.

Krishna chapter 11
Krishna chapter 11

When this experience arises naturally, it can be expansive or intense, but doesn’t overshadow. It’s also an opening. When we open to such levels, they remain available thereafter, unlike experiences that come and go.

Generally, this can unfold during the Refined Unity stage. By then, the intelligence within an experience is alive. This means such experiences can be self-explanatory once digested.

It would be difficult to list all the ways we might experience everything at once. I’ve talked about the various perspectives of time, an effect of the process of experience. Yet the cosmic is quite a bit more inclusive.

Experiences that come to mind include opening to the time-lines of all souls and thus being able to shuffle through their lives. Experiencing having a cosmic form moving concurrently with your local form, working on the collective. This may be experienced as united or distinct or both. But again, this is an opening that stays open and opens further, rather than an experience that comes and goes.

The devata body is a sub-set of the cosmic body where the intelligence that is giving rise to all forms in all universes, in all time is opening within the cosmic body. The Vedas mention both of these as a style of Mahavakya.

We may also experience the entire cosmic environment that includes all universes. This is not just all of this universe (I am the Universe) but cosmic, all of creation. Aspects of this can open as experienced prior but cosmic is inclusive of being that.

We may notice the cosmic form taking specific forms for that pattern of physical form, such as human, tiger, or rhino. Usually, we seem to experience the cosmic as primarily a human form at first, then become more inclusive.

This inclusiveness is a key feature of the cosmic – it doesn’t exclude any form of expression nor time. Where we become (recognize ourselves as) cosmic in the Self with Self Realization (CC), here we become (not just experience) the body as cosmic.

It is possible to have tastes of the cosmic that come and go or give us insights. But true comprehensiveness requires the Unity platform to become it and sufficient refinement to transcend our universe. Generally, this unfolds for people who have a long history of refinement, even prior to awakening. However, it should become more common as collective consciousness rises.

* the Bhagavad Gita or Song of God is a key section of the Mahabharata or story of Krishna’s life that unfolded a little over 5,000 years ago.

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  1. Reggie

    Interesting this appeared last year here. I was sleeping and I woke up in different bodies spanning many worlds or present moments. My only perception was that of a traveler moving in and out of multiple dimensions. I still resonate with that even now not as intensely but it’s there if there needs exploring. Hope all is well with you

  2. Olli

    Hi Davidya.

    Is the experience of the cosmic body somewhat like experiencing everything you see, hear and feel “outside” as being inside your physical body?
    Not to be taken literally of course, but as a pointer?

    For me the experience of the body has changed after the Unity shift. It’s not a boundary between “me” and the “world” anymore, but it still makes some sense to think of something “being inside the body” instead being out there.

    Also just thinking or feeling as if everything I see is actually inside the felt sense of the physical body feels like a valid way of perceiving the world. I’m sure the actual experience will be effortless when it comes online, but I’m just curious and sometimes these pointers help with openings, as you’ve said many times.


    – O

    1. Hi Olli
      Ah, no. That would be what I call the universal body, the body of the universe. I am the Universe is experienced as everything that was outside is within us. And it is literal.

      The cosmic body is quite a bit larger, including all universes. Generally, the devata body is experienced prior (the body of all the laws of nature that are giving form to all bodies in all universes).

      I talked about the scale in the second part of this article:

      Right – initially in Unity, the boundary between “inside” and “outside” falls away and they become a continuum. Refined perception can give rise to everything outside being seen inside too, the body as the universe, etc.

      Also, once a level has opened to us (not just as a passing experience), it is always available if we put our attention there. Clarity can vary but access is open.

      There is a LOT that can unfold. Most tend to specialize in one arena that they explore in more detail.

      1. Olli


        That definitely clarifies things. Amazing how much there really is potential for the unfolding. Mind still has moments when it goes “is this all actually real? Everything is consciousness? Whaat..? No way..” even in the face of the actual lived experience. It’s so outside the norms of the mundane life. Amazing stuff.


        1. Agreed. I found Unity in particular had “reality” evolving on a very regular basis. Each stage brings another wave of relearning and discovery.

          One of the reasons there are so many beings is it takes that many to experience everything.

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