Memory Barriers

Memory Barriers

In another discussion, the subject of memory barriers came up. We’ve all experienced these, like when we block an unpleasant past experience from recall. That illustrates an important detail. These barriers are energetic, what we experience as emotional. And that is simply because memory itself is energetic, stored “in the cloud” or field. If we close an energetic door, that quality can’t flow and can’t come “to mind”.

No memories are ever erased but we can lose easy access to them. The simple lapse of time and more recent experiences may fade our childhood, for example. Also, memories can carry an emotional charge. In fact, the stronger the charge, the more memorable it is. That’s even in the biology. But that charge can be resisted, creating a barrier to recalling it. More effective is to resolve the charge and neutralise the memory, making it comfortable.

There are other related kinds of barriers too. There is, for example, a forgetting that typically happens when we’re born. Birth is a kind of consciousness shift where we become more localized and forget what was prior. Of course a new undefined body doesn’t help. We have to learn to perceive and function anew.

We also tend to lose access to pre-4 year old memories when we shift into the mind stage of development around school age and prune little used synapses. Those synapses were our receivers for some early less-used memories.

Accessing past life memories is another one. Our strongest memories from the most recent lives make them easiest to access but that also means more challenging, very charged memories. There needs to an OK to go there, a willingness to see. And to resolve that old stuff. That becomes easier with greater consciousness. The challenge also becomes a marker for it’s validity. Past life books with uncharged “memories” that are full of wealth and fame are probably bogus. How many have been Cleopatra? Or even someone famous?

Another validator is that, as the charge resolves, the memory recall grows, then fills out. A dream tends to have a static framework that repeats and then fades.

There is also another time barrier. The last fall in group consciousness had a rather precipitous descent into a short, dark period. The trauma we carry of the time has to be resolved to a degree before you can see past it. Once that’s resolved, then you can see back to higher periods and prior golden ages. There have also been some astonishing periods here and there along the way. Like the First Nations renaissance in the mid-west around the fellow they called the sun god. The guy was hard to look at, he shone so brightly. Visible aura and then some. It was a big consciousness raising.

In a certain way, dying crosses another barrier that’s a little like waking up. We regain a larger perspective on our life and see it all as a part in the larger picture. There can certainly be mixed feelings about how we’ve done but lots of opportunity to do something about it. Depends on how quickly we come back into another human body. But in any case, our next steps will be guided by what has not yet been learned or resolved.

And yes, people who cross over often get assignments. From what I’ve seen, often ways to work on their stuff by helping others with similar challenges. This helps us grow what we’ve learned and take it further, thereby helping others we support by example. (this may not be conscious for the supported but the energy examples will help them with their own shifts)

I agree that there are beings who’s job it is to work with us more directly (Our Team) but even many who support us have zippo interest in chatting. Their sense of purpose is typically very clear. Elementals and other environmental beings are much the same. Some of them consider us rather dense for not being aware of them and the laws of nature, stomping around like clumsy oafs.

None of these memory or perceptual barriers is anything more than unhealed emotions. Healing will open the channels. But there is still free will. We still have to have a desire to want to even go there. For some, a broader perspective of where they’ve come from and why their life is like this can be very helpful. For others, it can just be more of the past that they’re letting go of. It varies. But it can all be healed in any case.

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