Attachments by Eirik Newth
Attachments by Eirik Newth

They define attachment as a bond or connection. Attachments functions on several levels. We have physical, emotional, conceptual, and structural attachments.

Many attachments are beneficial, such as a child to its family. They’re a normal part of our development. It’s important to recognize we’re distinct from our mother and to develop our own identity. It becomes a problem when we don’t outgrow our childhood attachments and recognize who we are at a deeper level.

Then our attachments dominate and become our worldview. We respond to life with resistance and grasping. This leads to a disconnect with life and suffering.

As we engage in effective spiritual practices, our attachments that don’t serve are softened.

When we recognize who we are deep within, that identification with a concept of a me breaks. This ends asmita, the my-sense, and our attachment to a sense of personal self as a controller.

We move into a phase of non-doing, of observing life unfold, and the power of our attention.

Over time, various other related attachments that no longer serve fall away.

But this doesn’t mean all attachment is gone. We still feel our connection with those precious to us. And the various parts of our body, the minds association with this body, and so forth remain. However, those attachments no longer bind us. They serve us. And we learn to serve the whole.

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