On Getting a PhD, I talked about the backstory here as an example of how ancestral trauma can influence life and perhaps conflict with our own karma and dharma.

The seminary moved the graduation date up so I could do a project for them. However, as events unfolded, it became apparent that hadn’t been necessary. It seems the ancestors wanted to manage this on a different timetable.

Some of you asked to see photos. As has been very common this year, the graduation was virtual.


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  1. Bernie

    Congratulations, David!. Two doctorate degrees, quite a feat! And a minister too! So happy for you! Makes me smile ✨
    Can you already officiate weddings & masses aside from giving talks, lectures, seminars, conventions on spirituality, Ayurveda, and eastern and western thought?

    1. Hi Bernie
      Thanks! They awarded a double major for the PhD which I didn’t realize was 2, so 3 doctorates. Seems the energy opened the flood gates when the time was ripe. (laughs)
      I have to get local status to officiate. There’s consideration of which route to take on that. As for mass, that would mean a church. I’m more likely to give satsang. πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Bernie
          A PhD is Latin for Philosophiae Doctor aka Doctor of Philosophy. At that level of study, you’re exploring the philosophy of your field although some are more directly so than others.
          The dissertation was on the stages of enlightenment – essentially the research I described in the book. After reading the dissertation, they awarded 2 majors in Vedic Science (as with the MA) and Spiritual Development. I hadn’t realized this meant 2 degrees.
          Because of the sections on Divinity (and they being a seminary) they recommended I also pursue a Doctor of Divinity or DDiv. (DD in the EU) This is a degree more on the mystic/ experiential side than a Doctor of Theology which is more Philosophy of religion.
          For this, I wrote a dissertation on the levels of Divinity – basically how consciousness gives rise to the world and how Divinity gives rise to consciousness. I plan to turn that into a book.
          I ordained as a Spiritual Minister, again more spiritually oriented.
          Net result, PhD in Vedic Science, PhD in Spiritual Development, DDiv in Divinity, and Spiritual Minister.
          Seems a little over the top but life has curious ways sometimes. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Share. It has been something of a surprise. As you know, the original plan was to do the research, get the PhD, then write the book.
      Instead the research happened independently, leading to the book, then leveraging that into a PhD.
      Only they loved the dissertation and awarded a double major. I expected 2 majors on one degree but it was 2 degrees!
      They also recommended I draw out the Divinity in a second dissertation. I leveraged what I had learned from how not to present it in my last SAND talk. (laughs) That dissertation became the third degree, although I hadn’t realized that at the time.
      I definitely don’t recommend writing 2 dissertations in a row. By the time of editing the 2nd, I was saturated. I took a couple of weeks off last month from all writing and got myself a bicycle. (laughs)
      I do plan to turn that one into a second book but will leave it until the air lifts.

      1. Sharon

        What a wonderful journey, D. My wish is that the journeying continue to unfold more and more fulfillment. And happy surprises (-:
        This inspires me so much. Thank you for that too.

  2. Carol

    Many rounds of congratulations and your stole is very beautiful! You look great! I have friends on Keto but they are vegetarian and it seems like a heavy lift to get enough food in the man who is a big guy.
    Blessings to you and thanks for all you do for us’n’s! from sweltering Alabama

    1. Thanks, Carol. Yes, it’s a one-of-a-kind stole. I also got a golden silk one. And a white robe. For all occasions. (laughs)
      Yes, I find protein great for feeling satisfied. The program I’m on has a vegetarian option. They have protein smoothies, for example. Vega has a line of vegan protein powders that might help.

    1. Thanks, Jay
      I studied with a small semi-Gnostic interfaith seminary in the states. Their approach is to restore the Divine feminine to the Christian esoteric linage. Their “inside” church claims lineage back to the apostles and has deacons, bishops, etc.
      Then they have an “outside” side where they offer Interfaith ordination in various lineages and seminary degrees. It was a straightforward way to leverage the independent research into a degree without spending years at a university. There is dubious value in spending the time (and major $) for an academic degree in a spiritual subject, especially at this point in my life. (laughs)
      As for plans, we’ll see what life unfolds. It has felt like a preparation period. I’ll continue the research and writing meantime.
      See you soon!

  3. Aliyah

    Wonderful photos. The expression on each face reflects each bestowed perfectly. Divinity is my fave (of course) my heart is happy for you. Go out and shine, illuminate everything.

    1. Thanks, Aliyah. Happy you’re happy.
      The dark robes tended to cause the face to over-expose so the better images were not the fav expressions. But they’re fine. πŸ™‚
      Of course. (laughs) See you soon.

    1. Thanks Peter.
      Well – I got 2 for the price of one. (laughs) The first was easier as I’d already done and written up the research so it largely just needed reframing for a dissertation. The second wasn’t planned but I had already mapped it out and had given a presentation on it so I had the framing and some lessons learned from that presentation. (Don’t start with the most abstract there is, for example.) It all flowed pretty smoothly until I got well into the second and started to saturate.
      (laughs) Well, we’ll see what life brings. When I was in high school, a friends father had 7.

  4. Guru

    Congratulations. I am your humble disciple and feel proud of Guru being awarded Doctorates. You are a universe in which there are so many universities. Hope to see you as leader in spiritual world. Better you frame curriculum for serious seekers of spirituality.

    1. Thanks Kjetil. Yes, lots of support when it finally unfolded. But prior attempts had not gone far, like in 2011, when i looked at continuing post-MA.
      Natures support is always in the context of the whole. Apparently, now was the time. πŸ™‚


    Hi Davidyaji πŸ™‚ Beautiful story, thanks for sharing, made me smile and chuckle, life is full of surprises and humor.
    I am sure many people will find your insights and teachings helpful on their journey of awakening.

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