Global Group Meditation Practice

Global Group Meditation Practice

Blue featherYou’ve probably seen messages from groups organizing occasional large-scale group meditation practice. These have moved on-line where everyone practices at a synchronized time to increase collective coherence.

They have repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of this for society in research done since the 1970s.

Recently, to help with the current crisis, the TM organization started synced practice every day, twice a day, around the globe.

This has the potential to enhance both your own practice and to add yours to the collective soothing. Simply start your practice at the times for your area or a nearby time zone.

For times in your area, view this map.

Catch the wave as it washes around the planet.

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  1. Kerri Heffernan

    Thank you David. Would you kindly clarify the times in parentheses? I am eastern Standard Time and I wasn’t quite sure I was understanding which time to coordinate with.

  2. Lew

    We live in a scientific age… a time based on numbers, calculations, proofs, statistics, on measurements, experiments, etc. We live also within the realities of our present day based on the accumulation of knowledge to this point and the tools we have to use and discover more knowledge…. This is mostly on the the level of the intellect, logic and reason. However there is a great amount of uncharted territory on the level of expansion of consciousness and intuition… Computers, autos, electric lights, TV etc could not be conceived of 500 years ago … The science wasn’t there also we had not reached Dwapara Yuga and the raising of consciousness needed to discover higher levels of scientific knowledge i.e. Einstein etc. Now we stand ready to incorporate new levels of awareness…as I have heard you say, enlightening the devas… These large meditations etc. open up awareness of knowledge previously hidden not only for technological advancements but to also in bringing the reality of the absolute and higher levels of spiritual awareness to our lives… Just as we discover higher levels of technology …The “scientific” observable proof of higher spiritual, ethical, moral and intuitive values and higher states of consciousness are being experienced on a much larger scale… bringing solutions based on these higher levels of being to our earthly daily lives… a real turn away from the old Kali ties that have bound us….New ways of approaching science, religion, medicine and healing, laws and all aspects of our lives… Enlivening higher levels of awareness that are always There but which have been dormant There is a sea change coming and it seems to be a nice one…Your thoughts on this rambling…

    1. Hi Lew
      Apologies – another comment that didn’t save. This one came out quite differently. 🙂
      Agreed. There are ancient texts that describe technologies that seem fantasy currently. But how long ago would a self-driving car have seemed fantasy?
      And yes, a turning away from Kali age but one that’s a little difficult for some.
      Science has been running on Spinoza’s analysis of a few valid means of knowing. The Indian philosophy of Nyaya list 16, a major upgrade.
      And yes, a sea change that starts with many individual waves and then merges into a tsunami. This may not be apparent until the wave arrives.

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