Relative Orientation

This is another one of those more abstract explorations. The levels of creation are present both globally and within the nested spaces of our expression, this body-mind.

Nested DollsThere is globally self-aware consciousness within which are creations. Within our creation is multiple universes. Within our universe is many scales of nested spaces – galactic clusters, galaxies, star systems, and stars and planets.

Simultaneously, we also scale up. We have a physical body, an energy body, a mental body, and so forth. These spaces or sheathes are inter-nested with the object spaces above. (Life forms have an energy system that non-life forms lack.)

We can illustrate these sheaths using the Russian doll analogy. Our physical body is the smallest one in the middle.

There is another detail of interest here. When you open each doll, the inner one can face in a different direction. In space itself, these rotations can be in multiple directions. Facing up, lower left, and so forth.

When they’re rotated in different directions, we can say the layers are out of sync or phase. Flow doesn’t move as easily and there is less integration. It’s like the doorways I mentioned in an earlier article aren’t lined up.

This is an effect of resistance. Resistance on one level causes a distortion that can pull it out of sync or become stuck when other aspects adjust. This is one reason a sheath may act like a veil, hiding what is beyond it. Letting go of resistance allows aspects to re-balance and realign.

This also relates to why you can have chakras and other elements out of alignment. Also to smoothness of transformations.

When the levels come into sync it allows clearer flow, more complete downloads, and much greater integration. We’ll also see problems arise with their solution so they won’t seen as problems at all. It is perfect symmetry, a cohesive wholeness.

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