Right Seeing

Right Seeing

Angkor Wat library at sunset
Photo by Stuck in Customs
Library at Angkor Wat at sunset

All knowledge is hinged on right seeing.

We can say creation is full of lit doorways. These may be doors into higher levels, higher stages, or new vistas. But to see those doorways, we have to be standing in the right place, in the right perspective. If we’re around the corner, we don’t see it. But if we move into right perspective, right seeing, the lamp lights the door.

There is a readiness needed for right seeing. We might call this a security for the Divine so it remains pure. But this is also for yourself so you can approach when the physiology can handle it. Each doorway is a transformation, an upgrade, a milestone.

When consciousness is dark, empty, or the void, this indicates a shadow. The lit doors are overshadowed by the density of awareness. When that density (inertia, tamas) is refined and becomes clear, we find consciousness is effulgent. Even deeper, we find it is the light of the Divine filtering through self-aware consciousness.

As we move into right seeing, consciousness becomes fullness, richness, brilliant. In time, this infuses all levels of our being and we become that fully.

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  1. Jim

    Very nice. Key point that the clarity comes naturally. Otherwise, more possibility of being fooled and minimized. After awhile, the Divine dictates everything, and in the nicest possible way, don’t You agree? 🙂

    This is the virtue of sattvic action and seva, like tuning an instrument so that it resonates with our highest human values.

    I heard somewhere that the further one goes, spiritually, the quicker it is, more logarithmic than linear in that way. However, we are also used to instant results as a result of tech, and also somewhat addicted to understandable phenomenon, leaving somewhat aside a precious value of life, the simple unconditional acceptance of what is. Or what is called, “love”. (laughs)

    As you have mentioned, this takes tuning, and stamina, and focus, and acceptance, though it isn’t just a pipe dream, or any other kind of dream, it becomes a more comprehensive reality, with our full ability to act within it, than anything previously imagined.

    1. Yes, very nicely. 🙂
      Not always pleased with what is showing up but when challenges arise, it becomes clear why and new learning and opening takes place. In other words, there’s an art to it all.

      Yes, it does feel like it speeds up. Partly because what is being adopted or discovered is larger and larger.

      Right – it does require a letting go of knowing so any understanding that is limited or in the way can fall away and get upgraded. If we’re attached to knowing, well ironically limit it.

      Agreed. I don’t see reality as a mystery. I see it as fully knowable but only by an open mind.

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