The Bailiwick

The Bailiwick

There are some curious paradoxes that arise as we grow spiritually. For example, knowing we are not the body-mind yet experiencing through it anyway. Or knowing the world was never created in the first place, yet living in it. Or why creation repeats if it’s completed by our experiences of it.

Another one came into focus during a conversation the other night.

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On the one hand, the cycles of time and rising and falling consciousness directly relate to the position of this planet in this solar system in this galaxy. A planet in another solar system in our galaxy will not experience the cycle of ages at the same pace. The dynamics of placement are different. The laws of nature that are awake and emphasized will be different too.

And yet simultaneously, people experience healing the cosmic that affects all beings in all universes in this creation. Or healing the causal that affects all beings in this universe.

The difference comes down to resonance and nesting.

When we’re working on the cosmic level in what is essentially the mind of God, the effects are universal. However, because we are a certain type of being relating to the cosmic from a very specific perspective and are balancing directly related dynamics, the effect we have is primarily on the human subset of all beings.

They’re the beings that created the imbalance and will resonate with this movement. We’re also the beings in the matching nested space within consciousness with a similar cosmic signature.

To understand this, we can consider DNA. DNA is a protein blueprint present in all life forms here – even viruses. It’s structured from 4 simple compounds in specific sequences. All humans have DNA that is over 99% the same. All our variations in build, skin colour, food likes, and much more result from a small range of variations in the DNA sequence. Change our DNA a bit more and you get primates.

Or consider the thoughts in your head. Most people experience a stream of thoughts throughout waking and dreaming states. Other people don’t experience your thoughts even though there isn’t really a separate “individual” mind. We experience thoughts from movements in the field of mind.

But the nested field of mind (kosha) that is compatible with our specific frequency signature (true name or the combination of laws of nature) is the one we experience thoughts in. Memory works similarly as does unresolved karma. It’s largely stored “in common” but with a signature that connects it to us.

The Internet works in a similar way. It sends each packet of data with a “signature” for the sender and the recipient plus details about its content and position in the sequence of the data.

In the one mind, we experience just “our” thoughts. In the collective, we purify those things we resonate with from past experience. In the cosmic body, we process and experience that which relates to our style of being.

This also explains why laws of nature can be fully awake in creation, united near the source, while asleep in various expressions. In the current cycle we experience them awakening cosmically and raising the age, but that’s taking place in the nested specific-to-us space. It’s that aspect that’s not completely reflecting source we’re waking up in this shared reality.

As our aspect is non-separate from wholeness, we experience wholeness itself waking up. This is another scale of us experiencing ourselves waking up. Layers within layers.

This means that the big picture is vastly larger and more complex than we’re likely to have recognized. Reality is nested in layers and layers of perspective, each evolving at their own pace and each a mirror of a higher reality – as above, so below.

Even the largest ages of time are also nested: 1000 lives of Brahma within one life of Vishnu. 1000 lives of Vishnu in 1 of Shiva, and so forth.

We are specific and cosmic at the same time. The specific is a local expression or mirror of the cosmic. We can heal the galaxy, yet the primary benefit will be to humans.

This also relates to why we’re rising to a golden age here on earth when it’s out of cycle for our planet. It’s being driven from a larger scale.

As we rise into a golden age on earth, that influence is a big change that will influence far more than just earth. We remain an aspect of the whole and will thus contribute to it. But the greatest benefit will be to us in this reality-set, this space-time we call home.

PS: define: Bailiwick

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  1. Jim

    Quite enjoyable, David! Thanks for that vision of our Infinity. I recall Maharishi saying, “if we can imagine it, it exists.” What a gift, to be both specific and cosmic. Especially fun in manifestation and activity.

    Good point about the golden age. How cool is that? Going to upper management, successfully. Remarkable and miraculous both.

    Yes, the bailiwick. Interesting that as we assume our complete nature, we are encouraged by the nested life surrounding us to continue doing so, expansion leading to fulfillment. An interesting shift from satisfying the individual nature, to then expressly satisfying the global nature, with its resultant karma, and so on.

    1. Thanks, Jim.

      Yes, there had been elements i’d noticed before, like different forms of the cosmic body. But I hadn’t yet groked what it all meant.

      And yes, we do step into greater and greater wholenesses as we satisfy the prior ones. But it’s never ours to take it all on, just those aspects for which we have affinity and skill. Doing our part. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jim

    Thank you. Right. Natural craftsmanship. ๐Ÿ™‚ What you said about being both specific and cosmic. Both are always true, so they have a dynamic relationship. We are only drawn to that which interests us, personally.

    If we begin living according to shoulds and coulds, introducing effort, and possibly magical thinking, it is time to get a checking – aka find the baseline again.

    Besides, even our greatest imaginings of ourselves will never do Para Brahman justice, so why bother? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Clarice
      Yes, in a sense. In one perspective, the world is very much real. In another perspective it is an illusion. In another, it is the play of the Divine. We can say, and this is even true in Physics, that the world is not what it appears to be. There is a much deeper reality behind the appearance we get from our mind and senses.
      This doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist – that too is a layered reality. It just means it’s reality is different from it’s appearance. The appearance can be seen as a side effect of deeper functions.
      The virtual reality of computers is a system that most matches the “world as illusion” perspective. It’s a way to describe it by analogy. But the world appearance is massively more complex and nuanced than that. For example, many beings have somewhat different experiences of the same world and live in different layers of it than we do. It’s like a virtual reality world where each player gets a different experience and they’re all interconnected, wholeness and uniqueness simultaneously.

  3. Clarice

    I appreciate your answer. I’ve surmised that all truth should be experienced by the awake person. I do not feel awake but for some reason I trust and believe what you write . Is that blind believe ?

    1. Hi Clarice
      Truth is what is real for you now. As we grow into adults, our truth changes several times. As we go through the stages of enlightenment, it also does.
      The key is recognizing what is true for you now and that it’s not the only or absolute truth. When we unfold deeper levels of our being, we uncover deeper more inclusive truths.
      So yes, truth is based on our experience. And it’s useful to have a sense of how it can evolve for us later. Then we’re less inclined to be rigid about it.
      Blind belief is when we accept something blindly and rigidly. A fundamentalism.
      I was told a lot of this stuff before i woke up. I trusted it was valid as it made sense of my existing experience and gave a vision of the possibilities. I later had to let go of much of how I’d originally interpreted the ideas as some of that was wrong. Just as how a 10 year old might understand adulthood has to be revised when they become an adult.
      It’s not blind faith as long as you recognize there are some variables in how it will unfold for you and how your understanding will change. I do bring a visual and conceptual take to this stuff which may not be how you will relate to it, for example.

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