Fast or Slow?

Fast or Slow?

On an article on the Mahamarmas, Dorothy Rowe makes an excellent observation.

“The slower path reveals more detail, while the faster path yields greater results. Detail satisfies the mind, results satisfy the heart. Ultimately, Being wants results with a full understanding of details.”

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I’ve seen people fly though the stages in consciousness. But then they had a lot of catching up to do, to integrate and get the coarser levels caught up to the inner development. In the process, the details are filled in.

Others have taken years for the initial awakening to become clear. Life has a much easier time keeping up then. Most are somewhere in the middle.

Fast or slow isn’t a choice. Our unfoldment happens through the cycles of time, our balance of laws of nature, karma, the need of the time, and by grace. Our job is to experience the process rather than manage it.

Don’t fret if problems beset your life. Sometimes people take on a lot for a period of life. It’s a way to make great progress but when we’re in the middle of it that is rarely clear. Much learning and clearing can take place through challenges, making us better equipped going forward.

Don’t bother envying those who seem to go quickly. That’s usually because they did the grunt work before. Like the “overnight sensation” who spent 15 years in the trenches. Fast is also not an easy process to integrate and often means everything else falls apart.

I’m reminded of the Goldilocks story. Not too fast or too slow but a balanced process of integrated unfolding. Well – we can dream. 🙂

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