The Soma Plant

The Soma Plant

Some old texts speak of rituals that “milk” the soma or they describe “flow soma through the filter” to create the nectar of the gods.

Much of this is gestures that symbolize the real process that takes place right in our body.

Samadhi happens, at first usually in meditation, when we go beyond the mind into pure consciousness. We settle into our true nature. This is often brief and foggy for a while. But at some point, we’ll have clear experiences of the process. We may also notice a wave of happiness when we cross in or out of pure consciousness even if consciousness itself is not clear yet. This is us passing through the bliss body or the lively edge of consciousness.

When we touch samadhi, we also trigger the creation of soma in the body. This is the chemistry that refines the physiology to support refined perception and feelings and awareness of divinity. Refinement is cumulative and carried forward through lifetimes. Much as with consciousness, some are born a long way along, some much less so.

The texts also speak of the gods battling over a cup of soma or playing tricks to get a drink and become immortal. Yet we can experience creation residing in a literal ocean of milky soma. We’re immersed in it. Why the struggles?

As it turns out, the divine ocean of soma can be called its “raw” form. Much as we can’t eat uncooked rice, the laws of nature need soma to be refined to use it.

Rather curiously, that’s where we come in. The human body is designed to process raw soma into the refined version the gods can use. Through a point in the center of the head where we connect with the raw soma (divinity), it comes into the brain, filters down to a gland at the back of the throat and drips down where it’s mixed with saliva and swallowed.

We may notice this as a sweet taste in the mouth during a nice meditation. Or after awake, during times of strong flow. But the process can be underway without us realizing it.

The devas can then draw on the soma through the villi of the digestive tract. In essence, this is what texts like the Ninth Mandala of the Rig Veda are describing.

We are the soma plant, the soma manufacturing plant.

When we’re deep in the flow, we may notice spontaneous mudras arise. These are the “10 fingers milking” the process energetically. This isn’t something we can manipulate but arises naturally and spontaneously with development.

It is possible there was also a plant that produced soma in the Treta Yuga (age) when some of these texts arose. But I don’t think such a plant exists today. And even if it did, do we have the physiology to digest it properly?  

While the gods benefit greatly from our being able to refine the soma, we also do as well. Soma refines our physiology and gives access to the Divine aspects of being. Because we support the gods, they also support us – considerably enhancing life.

This unfolding doesn’t come from perfect diet or posture or other outward manipulation. It is a deep inner process that comes from the inside out. Sattva and soma arise from transcendence (samadhi), beyond the body and mind. Then they progressively enrich everything inside and out.

When we touch the source of our being, we enrich everything within. We water the root.

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  1. Jim

    What a surprise! Wow, I have not seem a discussion on this in a long time. Thank you.

    I have gotten a sweet taste in my mouth after meditating, noticeably 3 or 4 years after I began meditating. Then it has blossomed into the connective tissue so to speak between us and the Divine, as you say. Practical and tangible connections and interaction.

    Certainly there is an energetic transfer between humans and the Divine, that is crystalized in the Soma, though the interaction that this makes possible between us and the Divine, is the true fulfillment of Soma.

  2. G

    Hi David,

    I have been talking with a family member about soma and they had a couple questions that you may be able to shine some light on.

    “I experience a gentle rising of a sweet taste at the back of my throat, almost like a mist gently rising. This first appeared 30 or 40 years ago on large TM courses but is now present in my programmes and whenever I am quiet, even when I am working. Is this an experience of soma?

    Also at what developmental stage in the evolution to CC does the experience of soma start to play a role?”

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi G
      On the first, yes, this is AN experience of soma. Lovely it’s happening in activity. This should demonstrate in natures support, baring karmic dynamics. Greater details of the process and refined perception are other things that can unfold, although refined perception isn’t necessarily visual. Subtle feelings, sounds, etc are also common.

      In my experience, soma is less about CC and more about the feminine side of the process. That is, the refinement of perception, the awakening heart, and so forth. With refinement going on, there is more likely to be a GC phase, refined Unity, God Realization, and so forth.

      The refinement helps with the clarity of the CC shift and helps lead to a fuller, richer unfolding. But the shifts in consciousness are changes in our sense of being while soma is about refinement of what is between being and the surface.

      I discuss this distinction here:

  3. Erin Smith

    Hi David,
    I intermittently experience a feeling like small crystals shimmering down the back of my throat. I don’t notice it occurring during meditation but rather as I go about the mundane tasks of my day. Could this be soma?

    1. Hi Erin
      Lovely. If they’re flowing, it could well be soma. If they’re still (but shimmering), it could be perception of the subtle structure of the area. A little more expressed than geometry is crystalline structures. Some experience everything being made of crystals.

      As soma is a refined substance that itself refines perception, it can be one of things we experience a little differently.

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