On Truth

On Truth

The “Truth about Reality” is way beyond the mind so cannot be found though reading or hearing. All we gain through the senses is information from which we build concepts about the world. This is neither truth nor reality. At best, we have a working hypothesis.

Philosophy and spiritual teachings can offer pointers and maps, like a route to deeper truth. But they are not truth in themselves.

Reality can only be known directly, by being.

We can describe experiences of reality, but it’s always through the lens of this physiology. How much of it we embody. But what we communicate is only heard on the level of the listener.

Because of the vast difference between an individual person and totality, it takes time to prepare the vessel for that apparent individual to experience and then become the various aspects of totality.

Keep in mind totality is not just infinite consciousness but myriad creations including our own which contains many universes, each containing countless beings, worlds and experiences. Totality is all of that in all time simultaneously. Totality is also pure divinity beyond all that.

As a human, we can come to embody totality but because of the limits of our physiology, we cannot experience and express more than one aspect at a time. We’re Special Case, as Buckminster Fuller put it. Specialized we might say. Each of us emphasizes certain things.

Thus, we can say truth unfolds in progressive stages, much as puberty unfolds in steps and a child becomes an adult.

Pay attention to what is true for you here, now. Knowing and accepting what is here is far more productive than collecting concepts about a “better” reality. So often, we’re just building a construct to feel greater, more secure, or more in control. But that’s just ego, expanding its claim.

Better to have an open mind that allows new flavours of reality to be known.

Because it unfolds in stages, what is true will change many times for you. This is just like a teen sees the world differently than a toddler or an adult.

It can be useful to study and be familiar with the overall journey but don’t try to adopt a truth beyond your experience. As the saying goes, wishing doesn’t make it so.

Also beware the hazard of over-thinking it. Reading these posts to try to figure it all out is folly. When the words resonate – wonderful. But don’t try to make it so.

When the time comes in the unfolding, you will find your own truth, your own perspective of reality.

Ultimately, humans are limited in how much of totality they can embody. But we can unfold the depths of our being and come to know totality directly. This process is more profound than we can imagine.

Let the mind catch up later to give it words.

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    In the beginning of the so called New Age, I think the line between concept and experience was more pronounced. But post New Age, when so many have been engaging in spiritual practices for so long, I think the line between concept and experience is fading.

    Because it can be that someone remembers a teaching or has an insight that comes from the deepest of the four levels of speech. (I think you’ve written about those levels.) In such a case, the concept is more than just a mental experience.

    In any case, each experience is a totality. And just as there are difference sizes of infinity, so too are there different sizes of totality. We are always unfolding fuller and fuller totalities.

    1. Interesting point I’d not considered.
      The ancient traditions do place study high and over time it does come to guide experience.

      Long term transcenders will find many distinctions softened, like concept, reality, physical. But it’s still useful to discriminate.

      And people living now may also see that line softened, but then they may confuse their beliefs with experience and fail to distinguish ‘what is’ from what they believe.

      This is more troublesome when someone holds a concept as something to defend.

      Key, to quote you:
      “I’ve come to understand that realization is unfolding by steps of knowledge and experience and the surrendering of both.”

      Rigid ideas we defend are not “knowledge”, even if the content is the same. That’s where it gets tricky. How we are with it changes content from protection to information to knowledge.

      I see that in reactions to articles on this site, for example.

      The key is knowledge and experience informing each other and being allowed to flow and evolve. (surrendered)

      On totality, I’d not use the word that way as it dilutes the meaning. Totality is just that. There can only be one. Kind of like Absolute.

      I would agree that each experience is a wholeness and has a completeness to itself. And there are different degrees of wholeness. But thats largely semantics.

      It is very useful to understand that no one experience is ever all of it. Even if it feels otherwise, there is always room for growth.

      Thanks for sharing.

      1. michael

        You wrote “How we are with it changes content from protection to information to knowledge. ”

        Just Wow!!!
        Totally blew me away!

        Have allways searched for words to describe that, never found good ones…..and here they are.


    1. Yes – especially when some investment is made in a “teaching” that then has to be protected, etc.

      The key to understanding though is conceptual rigidity is not causal. It’s an effect of either an energy of inertia (tamas) or the related energetic debris causing resistance.

    1. I’m not sure of the direct reference you mean but the Unity shift is at essence a recognition of the intellect. It shifts from looking out and dividing to looking within and joining. Then there is a progression of experience and become. Everything is progressively unified.

      There is also that saying from the Rig Veda (sage Vasishtha) of the importance of desiring Unity (for someone awake). And you won’t desire it if you don’t know it’s there.

      With the initial waking, there can be a sense of being done. And there are certainly teachings that will confirm that. Yet in many ways this is just the kindergarten of Enlightenment. It creates the necessary platform for a fuller unfolding but much more is possible.

      I’m working on an article that talks about how our relationship with concepts evolves.

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    Yes, I agree about concepts evolving to knowledge. That’s exactly what I meant when I referred to the 4 levels of speech. If someone is accessing a concept from the deepest level of speech, then it is more than just a concept. It is an experience. I think that often happens when people have been engaging in spiritual practice for decades. They simply are living the deeper truths.

    1. Yes, I’d agree. But that’s still an aspect of expression. We have to transcend even that to awaken.

      This relates to the quote at the bottom of the blog.

      After the shift, that knowledge becomes more intimate. After Unity, it flows from the awakening itself. After Brahman, it is Brahman itself. I’ll be writing more on this when life gives me a moment…. 🙂

  3. Blanche

    Each step into the truth is a surprise. Each step opens us up to new experiences, new understandings, and new expressions of the singularity. Living a spiritual life is living in a state of wonder. 🙂

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