Making Sense

Making Sense

There are times in life’s journey where the world can leave us thinking Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! This can happen at several points on the enlightenment journey as well. Even seeing the world cosmically, it doesn’t always make sense.

The issue usually arises due to an incomplete perspective. We see the effects but don’t have the causal understanding yet.

For example, when you’re very aware of the devas doing the work of the world, it’s possible to work with them to resolve something. Or if not, to resort to their leaders for assistance. I can recall a rather bumpy plane ride. I spoke with the wind and after a bit of back and forth, they agreed to move elsewhere and the ride settled. A friend of mine had a problem with a rather large flock of birds who had decided to hang out in his yard. The excess was causing problems so he resorted to the king of those birds and they moved to a different spot.

But one can certainly question the crazy complexity of all of it. Our creation in particular. The others don’t have the complexity or the conflict ours has.

Our world is definitely an effect. The physical is the end manifestation of a complex process designed for learning. We learn best by experiencing. By stepping into a human form, we get the full immersive experience.

In fact, everything we experience is born of bliss and the light of consciousness. It is quite literally all happiness and light, created from the flow of love.

But that can be hard to comprehend when we’re immersed in the shadows and the world around us seems to be going nuts.

But just as the forgiving mother tries to steer her children from pain, sometimes we have to learn the hard way – from experience. Just consider stories like the prodigal son or the demon being welcomed into heaven.

This place does have sense and profound intelligence behind it even if the end result sometimes doesn’t seem like it.

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  1. Amaryllis

    Hi David,

    Thanks for describing my month: “But that can be hard to comprehend when we’re immersed in the shadows and the world around us seems to be going nuts.” Mmm hmm

    Love it!: “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!” (I will be needing to borrow this one)

    “sometimes we have to learn the hard way – from experience …” Yup. Think I’m doing the rounds on that one 😉

    But most importantly, thank you, (as always) for the reminders 🙂

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