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There has been a lot going on that people are asking about, so I thought I’d post a small update. The BATGAP interview has had a largely warm reception. There have been several thousand views and an even larger number of podcast listeners so far. This has brought a large spike in traffic here and a wave of new subscribers.

This week, I’ll be traveling to San Jose, CA for the Science and Nonduality conference. Over 1,000 are registered and they’ve sold out both hotels. On Thursday, I’ll be spending much of the day on a large group panel meeting at Sofia University (a Rick Archer effort, not part of the official program). Friday morning, I give the stages talk. It sounds like it will be recorded. With luck, I’ll be able to share both events here in a few weeks.

I may post a bit from the conference – we’ll see how much time there is and what inspires.

The Stages book has reached the editing stage, so there’s been some progress there too.

Things have been quite busy with work and projects lately. I hope to see things settle a little after I return home. But life has not been what it used to be this year. (laughs)

Last Updated on November 6, 2018 by Davidya

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  1. Rose Rosetree

    Davidya, may your magnificent work receive the attention it deserves.

    Enlightenment just is.

    Enlightenment Coaching? That has to be chosen. And it is so important in this new Age of Awakening, and you are a shining light in this emerging field.

    Not a guru. A teacher. And, in your case a world teacher.

  2. Hi Rose
    Thanks. High compliments. While I certainly do some support of people in transition, I don’t have a formal background or training in coaching.

    While there is that element of choice, there is also that element of calling. What is being asked for. It will be interesting to see how it flowers.

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