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If we sit quietly for a moment, we may well notice the noisy mind blabbing on about something. We then have a few choices. We can pay attention to what’s around us instead. We can listen to the mind. Or we can invest in the mind, take it seriously. Unfortunately, most people do the later. And then they share that with others, spreading it around.

The trouble is, a great deal of what comes out of the mind has nothing to do with the content. Hence “noise” or “monkey mind”.

The real dynamic is there is an activated, unresolved emotion(s) that we’re not noticing, behind the babble, looking for a way to express and resolve. If you’ve been following recent articles, you’ll know this is a Vasana, otherwise known as karma.

The energy of that activation is triggering the mind, which simply picks up some random recent thing. The emotion attaches itself to that and vents away, usually ineffectively.

So we rant about the post office line-up or what someone said and contemplate acting on our grievance when it actually has nothing to do with why we’re feeling like this.

This brings us to another choice. If you ignore (but don’t suppress) the babble and notice the feeling value behind the noise, you may find a little surprise. The feeling can lead you to itself. Simple, innocent attention can allow the energy to express and complete. You may notice a brief wave of feeling, then done.

If it’s a big one, it may lead you to a sensation in a specific place in the body where it’s stored. Just allow the attention to be there and you’ll notice sensations of release. Occasionally, it can be like dropping a bomb where the emotion explodes out in a brief flurry of release. This may kick up some dust. If so, it can be useful to lie down to rest for a few minutes. You want the process to complete rather than casting a shadow over your day.

Otherwise, just remain on the feeling. It won’t take long. It may separate into several emotions. Follow one. You may get impressions that come up associating it with past events. But these may just be times in the past when this was last activated. Some of this can go back a very long ways, well before we were born.

And then, it’s done. That old reactive glob that kept triggering you and adding to the noise is gone. Another step to peace.

You can also get quite a bit more sophisticated at this. Learning energetic literacy, for example, will allow you to perceive (see, feel, etc) these blocks more directly. Refined perception will add similar ability, although developing skills is superior. This allows you to use more specific techniques to clear more pernicious stuff and include what Rose Rosetree calls “put-in”.

It’s ironic to consider that most of our worries have nothing to do with what we’re fussing about. They just seem important because of the emotional weight attached. Most of it is just churning created by incomplete experiences. Give it an outlet and the worries will fade.

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23 Responses to Follow the Feeling

  1. Michael says:

    That is basically 80% of the presence Process! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Actually the presence process repeats itself very often because it is very hard for people to do that what you have described here so precisly. It is really hard for most to put the focus of the mental story to the emotion below it….most just want to resolve the story by changing something in the external, trying everything not to feel the charge behind the story.

    with love

  2. Davidya says:

    Yes, the noise keeps us from looking behind the noise. But as we progress with it (and an effortless meditation really helps), then this becomes easier and easier.

    Also, the ego doesn’t want to be seen. If it is seen clearly, it will be seen through. So it makes lots of distractions to this kind of process.

  3. Davidya says:

    But closer to the shift and afterwards, this process becomes much more straightforward. Which just need the occasional reminder to process rather than the old habit of playing the story.

  4. Jim Flanegin says:

    Hi David, great topic, as usual! I went through this spectrum recently – I was trimming some trees and managed to tweak my back pretty well, and there was a lot of discomfort sleeping last night, so I woke up this morning and my wife asked my how I was, and being overshadowed by the pain in my back, I suddenly became quite anxious about trimming the trees, and watched the entire garden in my mind’s eye, become overrun and overgrown, with me helpless to do anything. Later on, after a hot shower and some aspirin, my mental image of the garden returned to normal, which I confirmed by stepping outside. Quite a strange thing to watch – It was like wearing pain colored glasses, the distortion was nearly impossible to detect, yet unmistakable. “Knowledge is different, in different states of consciousness.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Michael says:

    Yes, effortless Meditation…..there is also something similiar in the presence process which is called conscsiously connected breathing. One connects in-breath with the out-breath with the aim to enter the Body more fully and becoming more present (there is also a mental Repetition to that)….but this is done in a very relaxed manner…nothing is forced. but the Goal is not Meditation but to start to unearth the emotionalpatterns by entering more fully into the Body.

    have a wonderful day David!

  6. Davidya says:

    Hi Jim
    Yes, well described. We can so easily drop into a story and project it forward, stressing ourselves out. It’s a pattern encouraged by our media. But it just requires a bit of insight to take a step back and see through it. Then it looses all power.

    But as you note, sometimes while a release is being processed, we do fall into it for a bit. The insight isn’t there. This is normal. The key is when we become conscious it means it’s completing and we have a choice. Feed it further or let it go.

  7. Davidya says:

    Hi Micheal
    In my practice, pranayama is used as a preparation for meditation rather than the practice itself. But yes, some do blends and such.

    I would also note that body awareness practices are very useful if there is a strong release taking place. If we give our attention to it, it will go to the place in the body where the issue is stored and attention will help facilitate it’s release.

    However, it’s not recommended as an ongoing practice as it tends to dull the mind. A practice that leads to samadhi, on the other hand, will naturally clear the emotional baggage as a side effect.

    It rather depends on what a person most needs though. Some people need more grounding and a focus on right activity.

  8. Davidya says:

    I’ll add that energy healing facilitated by higher levels of energetic literacy may be helpful as this can be more directly target specific issues that are causing trouble.

    We’re not always able to become conscious of what the issue is.

  9. Michael says:

    Hi Jim!

    really nice lived through example that shows that Emotion is more causal in our experience than thought. If we want to really let go, changing our thoughts will not do….but releasing the stuck energy in Motion will bring the Resolution.

    All the best to you

  10. Davidya says:

    Hi Michael
    Just a point about causal. While I agree with the general point, it’s useful to note that while unresolved emotion creates a lot of mental noise, it’s not in itself causal. It too is created by a deeper grasping created by our core sense of identity.

    When that is resolved, then the emotional drama stops being created, etc. Then it’s just winding down whats left.

    What surprised me though is that this core identity is not (usually) resolved with awakening. Awakening resolves the concept of a me but not it’s core driver. The refinement process then resolves the emotional drivers behind the concepts. But it’s not until the approach to Unity that the core identity is seen. When that falls, the sense of separation between inside and outside ends and the Unity shift can happen.

    Unity is a bigger change in sense of self than Self Realization. It’s also progressive, in that it grows over time.

    I have some older articles where I talk about the 3 am-ego’s in this regard. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Michael says:

    Hi David!

    Ohh so much information ๐Ÿ™‚
    I meant causal from a very human standpoint. You are totally right with the drivers below the “me” but that is not the field for most people at this time…i wanted to keep it simple ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That the unity is a bigger shift is really interesting!!!

    Have read our articles about the 3 egos.
    In Neidan Gong (taoist inner alchemy) they have even more aspects which make up our “inner family”…..their concepts seem a little more complex in the beginning but can have very deep healing effects in the psyche and the physical body.

    Yes energy healing can sometimes be very helpful, but if we are “trained” in looking at the felt aspect when we are triggered (even though still the “best” of us get sometimes lost in the story) we can use another way:
    Using intention with a physical procedure. (before doing a short breathing session stating that we want to resolve that certain issue). Things will start to come up in our lives in the days after the breathing as triggering events best suited for us. While doing it this way can take a few weeks to resolve things, if we are skilled in energetic resolution and willing to face the stuff that comes up it will bring the final resolution.
    Have seen this work with different issues like diseases etc. That works mostly like peeling and onion as the symptoms get better and better and more insight comes.


  12. Davidya says:

    Hi Michael
    Yes, the initial awakening requires only a moments surrender. By the time you get further along it becomes what Lorne calls a “perpetual surrender”.

    The Brahman shift requires surrendering the entirety of the prior enlightenment so is still bigger. It’s known in the Vedas as the Great Awakening.

  13. Davidya says:

    While I agree with your general points it’s useful to note that we can’t heal what we’re not conscious of. We don’t have to be directly or in detailed awareness of it, but we have to be aware of it enough to feel or intend with it. To bring the attention to it.

    Sometimes, it can be useful to get an “outside” opinion from an uninvolved observer who has high energetic literacy.

  14. Michael says:

    Hi David!

    Of course, an outside source is sometimes essential, but sometimes they see things and “causes” which we ourselves are not yet ready to face.
    In my example with disease..the “issue” is obvious.

    I would disagree here with you…..we do not need to be conscious of issues (but of course got to have an interested in exploring ourselves), but we need to be deeply “trained” in the arts of releasing (going out of the story into the felt-aspect of the experience).
    I often had no awareness of issues yet intented “that the next layer that is best for my growth can come up”.
    And was often suprised in what ways i was triggered. The key here is to work with the “outside” world (persons and situations) as messengers and this itself then also has to become more of a perpetual surrender (nice wording!) or it will not work.

    The brahman shift……surrendering enlightenment itself….that seems like a BIG surrender ๐Ÿ˜‰
    When i experienced brahman in meditation it felt relativly normal like ok here “ends” conscsiousness and i “fell” out of it… felt a little suprising but like a natural “evolution”.

  15. Davidya says:

    Yes, Brahman is a big surrender. The Vedas speak of some choosing not to make that step, especially women. In my own case, I was actually warned but took the step anyway.

    Just consider stepping from a profound intimacy with all things and being the container of everything to being nothing. It was pretty devastating for one friend. But just at first. Then the advantages of the shift flower over time.

  16. Michael says:

    Hi David!

    Wow could you do a little deeper with that?
    You were warned to take the step? (because of the potential devastating effect?)
    You seem to imply in all your writing that when brahman “comes” one looses the intimacy, bliss, love etc. But after some time it “integrates” and the good stuff comes back.
    I had to make surrenders in my life that literally shocked my psyche for some days but the flow allways was with me (as you state so beautifully in your new article).
    I mean to really surrender something is can be brutal at first but when things settle ones sees the new flowers. Maybe you could write an article about that? (about both sides of it, what happened with your friend etc. as more and more people will sooner or later be faced with that possible shift)


  17. Davidya says:

    Hi Michael
    To be clear, I don’t mean we have to be totally conscious of an issue but we have to be aware of something to bring it our attention. That said, there are also techniques like parts of RES that allow you to call on the divine to help. And of course there is healers. And forms of deep meditation that heal as an effect. I was meaning in this context/ this process.

    For me though, it was usually what I became aware of. While I’ve taken a bit of basic healing stuff, I’ve not studied it much.

  18. Davidya says:

    Hi Michael
    No, it wasn’t devastating for me, although things went a little flat for a time. I was simply meditating and a process began. My form of “personal God” (I talk about this elsewhere) stepped in and warned me that if I continued, our relationship would end. This was rather a surprise but the impulse to continue was there, so I did.

    This shift was not as clear as prior ones and took more time to process. But the relationship certainly ended. Where with God Realization we become God (in so far as we can in a body), with Brahman we transcend God.

    I don’t know anyone else who has had that wrinkle in their shift. So thats not a typical step. But the change is the same for all.

    It now appears that a relationship with the divine is restored further along, in this new context, much as what we loose in prior stages returns. But that hasn’t fully flowered yet so I can’t speak to it well.

  19. Eddie says:

    Wow! I was riveted to this dialogue! Thank you David and Michael for sharing this interaction so intimately. Eddie

  20. Davidya says:

    Hi Eddie
    Thanks for the feedback. I am gradually sharing that more directly rather than just what I learned from it. Rick’s interview should be a nice big stretch on that account. (laughs)
    See you tomorrow!

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  22. MJ says:

    May I humbly comment about “with Brahman, we transcend God”? Isn’t God an even more subtle concept that we transcend? Everyone’s concept about God is different, as you suggest “my form of ‘personal God'”. Just asking.

  23. Davidya says:

    Hi MJ
    Well – theres a few layers to this.
    On one level we have our beliefs about things like God.
    A little deeper we have our concepts of God, how we frame those beliefs.
    The direct experience is a whole different thing that will often blow out our concepts and beliefs.

    The style of the direct experience has 2 aspects – the impersonal and the personal. The Personal form is partly driven by our culture, expectations, etc but also by the divine itself. We might say concepts have an influence here – but we’re only talking about form or appearance. The divine itself and our relationship with that is much deeper.

    Quite a bit further along in Unity, there is a progressive merging with all we experience. At a certain point, when consciousness is known both globally and at every point within itself (it’s totality), then we’re in a position to merge with God too. This shift is known as God Realization, in the sense I use the terms here.

    At that point we subjectively transcend God and discover Brahman. As that develops into refined Brahman, we again discover the divine in this new, very different context.

    There are various articles around the blog that explore aspects of this. Thanks for commenting.

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