The Lift

The Lift

Chatting with a friend, it became apparent there is a common experience after the death of someone close to us. That is, the lifting off of an energetic load we’ve been carrying of theirs.

While on the surface we may seem distinct beings, on the energy levels we’re highly intertwined and connected. This is especially true of parents and siblings.

When we’re very young, we not only learn to walk and talk by copying those around us, we also mirror them energetically. This allows us to sync and relate much more easily. But with the energetic mirroring comes some of their baggage. And when we’re very young, we’re essentially wide open energetic sponges.

Myself, I’d noticed some energy baggage that was rather persistent. It was not clearing as readily as usual with simple awareness. Turns out I wasn’t groking that it wasn’t mine so the orientation had to be a little different to resolve it.

With a death in the family, there is not only the usual grieving process, there is also a purification in the relationship too. In their departure, they let go of the body and then when they “cross over”, they let go of the life. Similarly, our own process may mirror those shifts as the energetic connections fall away.

Keep in mind we’re not talking about soul connections here. Those live on. We’re just talking about energy burdens.

Of course the dynamic depends on the spiritual evolution of those involved. If we have the remarkable karma to be born to enlightened parents, there would still be energetic connections that fade off at their passing but there wouldn’t be the karmic load. They wouldn’t be sharing their baggage the same way.

I’d also note that we store our baggage not just in the body but in our environment and possessions. With the passing of the attention that created them, those things will tend to dissipate, although some dark bits can become more fixed and may need more direct intervention.

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  1. Rose mentioned this article on her blog and observed I was a little vague about what “direct intervention” (at the end) might be. That someone might try to pray over an inherited table to cleanse it, for example.

    She makes a good point. You can’t clear old frozen blocks from possessions like that. You need more specific skills, as I went over in this article:

    My comment brought another comment from someone else about “healing negative thoughts”. Rose wrote a new article to clarify. We don’t heal thoughts. We heal the unresolved impressions old experiences may have made that now colour and fog our current experiences.

    Rose goes over the history and point here:

  2. Chris

    Hi David,
    It’s great to come across this article. A sibling recently passed away, and indeed I did feel a lift! There was the normal greiving, but then a huge feeling of relief. I was adopted, so we weren’t “blood” related, but I don’t think that made any difference with the energetic bonds and mirroring you speak of.
    I appreciate that you’ve gone into this, very helpful for me. Thanks!

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