True Purpose

True Purpose

I’ve written here a number of times about purpose. Everything from the Vedic idea of dharma (that which sustains) to living life purposefully.

One hazard is an endless search for an abstract perfect purpose. Why I am truly here?

This is an expression of spiritual addiction, living life searching for an ideal but never bringing it into the world. Living in the upper chakras without grounding. The purpose is held in too abstract a way to really grasp it and act on it.

It may take the form of a narcissistic sense of entitlement from an excess sense of specialness. Or it may show up as endless books, courses and workshops that never lead to anything but concepts. This often leads to bad choices because we’re chasing a cloud rather than what is here.

The ironic thing about this search is that because it’s disconnected from what is here in front of us, we don’t recognize what is already happening. We can’t see our purpose if we’re not with what is already here.

We are here for a purpose – otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Everything that arises is intended so innately has a purpose. If we exist, what is here is our purpose. This does not mean our purpose is to suffer – that is your response to what is here. We have a universal purpose to learn, grow and evolve. And we have a specific role to do that within whatever is showing up in our lives. What is it you need to learn so you can grow?

Everything about us is a reflection of why we’re here. All of our gifts and capacities. But it’s not some tidy label like “astronomer” but rather is a vast synergy of experiences and lessons to be had.

What is your purpose? To live your life as best you can with what is here, using your own self-authority. As dharma is that which sustains, it also means taking care of yourself.

Life is a wonderful adventure. And it is much more so if we engage it as it is and let life take us where it leads, using our self-authority along the way. The prize is what remains when our body is done and gone. Ayurveda tells us this is Atman and Sattva, spiritual development and purity. And these come from growing and purifying. Everything else? Dust to dust.

Live well and 2015 will be the best ever.

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  1. Share

    Wonderful, wonderful, thank you Dya and Rose both. I’d add that our number 1 purpose is to be with what is, both inside and outside, more and more fully. That’s it!

    What’s usually most challenging to be with is what I call our uncomfortable emotions. Usually the “negative” ones of fear, anger, sadness and shame.

    Staying with the breath EXACTLY AS IT IS is a great way to stay with whatever’s arising exactly as it is.

    I emphasize the emotions because neuroscientists explain that a sensory input hits our brain’s emotional center BEFORE it hits the rational neocortex. What this suggests is that before we ever know something, or have a rational thought about an input, we have an emotional response to it.

    I’ve found that by staying with five breaths EXACTLY AS THEY ARE, usually my breath slows and deepens all by itself. Attention is a powerful healing tool.

    Thanks again for great topic and points. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Share. Yes, the use of simple attention is very powerful, not manipulated in any way.

    I would also add that incoming sensory input is compared and associated with past memories before it becomes conscious also. That combination of previous associations and emotional response is a pretty major filter to our experiences. One of those ‘what colour are your glasses’ things.

    It’s also useful to note that it’s not just about healing the emotions but releasing our attachment to them. This second part will massively soften the reactivity part and make the process smoother. Not to mention the improvements in quality of life.

  3. Michael


    What is interesting is that we experience the same stored emotions again and again and again (there is even a cycle to it when we experience what emotions), because they are “imprinted” in our emotionalbody. The emotions stay the same but the outer experiences differ, so we think that the outer experiences causes the emotions, but the outer experiences just “trigger” these stored ones. We can not see this cycle (often not even after initial awakening) until we regain emotionalbody awareness. Just being with them fullya as long as it takes will resolve them completly. The best work in my view with this theme is “the presence process” from Michael Brown.

    Much love to all and a happy new year! 🙂

  4. Michael

    Hi David!

    Don’t worry….bad pun is forgiven 😉

    Here is a better one: we “realize” something…..we “real eyes” it.

    Yes of course, that is the wheel of karma in action. The presence process is in essence a tool to clear karma (energetic imprinting is just another word).


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