The Energetics of Attraction (Part 1)

The Energetics of Attraction (Part 1)

Over the years, I’ve written a variety of articles on intention, the law of attraction, sufficiency, and related subjects. This has included the series on success, gaining cooperation from the environment, magnetizing money, and a detailed step-by-step review of getting results.

In all of this, it’s about becoming more conscious of how we use our energy and attention, clearing the obstacles, and living the life that is here.

A week ago, I took another workshop with Nancy Shipley Rubin. The theme of this one was Cultivating Light. She does a twice-annual tour of Hawaii and N. America’s west coast. She teaches basic energy awareness. Becoming more conscious of your feeling state and how you’re carrying your energy through experiential exercises.

I can’t give those experiences through a blog but I can outline a few highlights of her approach.

Shifting your energy awareness can have a huge effect on how we experience people and the world around us. If we’re in a state of energetic defence – very common in our culture – people around us will respond in kind. In other words, what we broadcast – conscious or not – is how the world will respond. As Nancy observed, we especially don’t want to be doing this around money. It makes life too hard.

Our third chakra is the personal power centre with a strong magnetic quality. At the same time, it is also our protector and what we close in defence. When we close energetically, we also close our “receiving channels”. It’s normal to close when we’re tired, digesting and so forth. But many of us stay habitually closed, reducing our ability to create. I’ll be talking more about our Protectors in the next article.

When we’re closed energetically, we may try to use techniques like law of attraction yet be simultaneously broadcasting an energetic NO. Mind and emotions are out of sync. Because we’re unaware of our feelings, we don’t hear the energetic signals or they’re drowned out by unmet needs.

A classic example is in seeking an intimate relationship. Some years ago, I attended a relationships for singles workshop. As is typical, it was mostly women. All wanted a relationship but part way in about half realized they were actually ambivalent or conflicted about it. To find a suitable partner successfully, then saw that they needed to resolve some of their unresolved history. Otherwise they were going to repeat it.

Of course, some people create without a problem and have no issues with results. But for those of us with challenges here, its very useful to become conscious of our energy dynamics. This allows us to become creators rather than just reactors.

Nancy spoke of creating a generating field. She demonstrated (and we experienced) how people around us can’t hold onto negative thoughts when we’re generating a creation field with mere quiet intention. Being more subtle, it’s also more potent.

We used the sixth chakra to create a field (intention) then bring it down into the lower chakras to embody and express it. The workshops explore how to do this experientially.

The Power of Receiving:

First we open the 3rd and ground. If we’re having trouble opening, it means there’s some resistance. What is the feeling of that? Becoming conscious of our feelings allows us to see and resolve them. Also, if we’re ungrounded, we don’t bring it down and manifest.

1 – Order Up –  Ask for what you want, clearly
Often we talk about what we don’t want. Our mind likes to problem solve, so it looks for the problems outside of us and looks for solutions out there as well.

2 – say Thank You – acknowledge the universe
This helps correct a focus on lack, which we then attract. We can only hold a hurt or grudge if we’re closed. Then we only hurt ourselves. We do have to acknowledge that results come not on your schedule but that of the universe. We may need to wait.

3 – Go With the Flow
If you’re not ready to receive, the universe will mentor you into it, will bring the next step. Avoid undue expectations or a sense of entitlement. Expect the universe to be practical and don’t be surprised if it comes in very unexpected ways. If we’re not flexible, we may reject what is being provided or not even see the opportunity. This is even more true if we’re not clear on our gifts and purpose. Not sure of your next step? Go with the flow and see where life is leading you.

All of creation works through attention and intention. It is only for us to learn those skills to do the same.

Nancy also reminded us that it’s perfectly normal to have needs. The key is finding healthy ways to fulfil them. If we bring our needs to our spiritual resources and magnetize that, we’ll be easily fulfilled without creating conflict. What need cannot be met by love, grace, and happiness?

Becoming conscious of our needs also makes them much easier to name and request. Your partner can’t support you if you don’t know what you need.

It’s much easier to be open if we’re respectful to our needs body. It doesn’t have to be a pain body. If we spend our time in the upper chakras, we become divorced from our needs. It’s safe to be in the body and get your needs met. But we may need to learn how again. Spiritual practice is to support our living spirit in the world, of embodying the divine, not drifting off into woo-woo land.

Following this are 4 more articles touching on other points from the workshop.

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