Our Protectors (Part 2)

Our Protectors (Part 2)

Another topic Nancy Shipley Rubin has been talking about in recent workshops is what she calls the Guardians. I prefer the term Protectors as Guardians are usually associated with Guardian angels. The Protectors are not angels but rather astral forces that protect our energetic presence or essence.

In the first article, The Energetics of Attraction, I talked about magnetizing the results we want in life through our third chakra. The Protectors are also associated with the third chakra. As you may imagine, they’re associated not with creating but defending and are thus about being energetically closed. In other words, when we’re defending, we’re not going to be creating.

Nancy describes 4 Protectors (Guardians) – They are one energy with 4 faces.
1 – Blamer – blaming the outside to protect our (false) “innocence”.
2 – Self-Imploder – empty, undefined self-blame (not good enough, etc). Associated with feelings like guilt & shame. Somewhat like an unskilled empath tries to be invisible, an imploder tried to disappear, to not exist. At an extreme, this may lead to suicide.
3 – Resenter – they present a cold wall, decided they could not get their needs met, use innuendo and sarcasm.
4 – Protector-Defender – they maintain separation through arrogance, give little speeches about the right way, talk over others.

As all types are designed to separate self from other for protection, none are receptive modes. You cannot be convinced of a better way if you’re energetically closed. You will not hear. To open the gate, you need to give permission. And that needs feeling safe.

Because of the energy, we’ll attract people into our lives that will reinforce our position. Plus, there will be a tendency for others to fall into judgement too. That just amplifies and justifies the position. You will not feel safe if someone is telling you about anything that is wrong with or about you.

Just remember – it’s not about you. This is simply the mechanics of the defender of your essence. This is the Protector dance.

It’s worth noting that their power is not in being negative (rajas) but rather in aversion and hopelessness. We might also call this tamas or inertia.

These are extremely common family dynamics. Many of us are trained energetically to model these behaviours in our pre-school years. Some will “mature” from the first two into the others. But all are a place of aversion from pain that ironically keeps us invested in it.

What’s remarkable is how much power is in there. Our personal power. For many, it gets sucked up maintaining our resistance to life. But once we begin to take off some of our burdens we literally feel lighter and more full of energy.

The trick is, if you’re in a Protector mode, you may not even realize it. It’s so normal. You learned this stuff before you could recognize what was happening. Do you feel separate from others? Are you prone to pronounce judgements about others? Then you are in a Protector.

What’s fascinating is that these 4 faces have compliments. The same energy but with a different tone.
Blamer > Compassion
Self-Emploder > Spaciousness
Resenter > Grateful
Protector > Humble Knowing

It’s important to understand that Protectors are not bad. They are there to protect our essence. When our light body is weak, it is safer to disconnect and withdraw. That protection stabilizes us. Then we can bring up the light bit by bit.

Because feeling is believing, the feeling we get from the Protectors is reinforced by our 2nd chakra. When we stop believing that story, then the whole thing crumbles. It can even then seem ridiculous.

The key is to honour (accept not reject = more aversion) the Protectors. Then we can identify them in others, and then in ourselves. If we’re falling into judgement, we’re closed. If you notice you’re in a Protector, don’t try to fight it. That’s classic ego dynamics. Protector judging itself. Go to neutral and notice the feeling that comes with it.

Making it conscious, we can release and the light can come on. The gates can open and the light body can become strong. Then the Protectors can ease off.

This will release a massive amount of energy that has often been locked up in protection since we were kids. We want to shift the energy out of our darkness to make it available for the light body. There is power in the dark side, Luke.

This can then become the fuel for transformation. We dissolve the barriers and can thus generate creation fields.

As Nancy demonstrated throughout the workshop, calling a Mercy field melts anything in the way of truth. Mercy is a dissolution field. It releases us from old patterns and contracts (self-agreements). It doesn’t dissolve the experience, just our attachments, our resistance to truth. It takes us to neutral.

The takeaway for this article would be learning to recognize your Protector history and the judgement modes you fall into when defending. Calling fields is better learned experientially.

This can be such a blessing when we’ve been caught in our story for so long. One that may be so familiar we don’t even recognize it.

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  1. Katriina

    It’s so much easier to sit with a bothering emotion, with the concept of the Protectors. It doesn’t add the extra elements of judgment on top of everything. Thank you for this post, it’s very helpful and well explained.

    1. Your welcome. And yes, it’s an important step in the process – recognizing life IS a process we’re noticing rather than making it personal and judging ourselves for what happens naturally.

      Becoming OK with what is helps us get past a lot of resistance and then see life as it is.

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