Stages of Clearing (Part 5)

Stages of Clearing (Part 5)

In prior articles, I’ve outlined the stages described in the Bhagavad Gita on how we become conscious of karma, the energy of action and how we’re responding to events.

At first, we become aware after the fact, after we’ve reacted and the deed is done. We have a doh! moment and perhaps a mess to clean up.

Then we begin to become aware during the reaction. At this point we can’t stop it but may be able to correct where it’s going.

Finally, we become aware at the first impulse to react. Then we have a choice. Do I follow through or nip this in the bud? Also at this point, we have the option of resolving the energy that gave rise to the impulse in the first place if we’re clear enough.

During Nancy Shipley Rubin‘s recent workshop, she outlined a similar process with resolving our energy patterns. In this case it was related to using Mercy to dissolve the patterns.

Again, you need to open, ground and call on Mercy. (best learned through experience)

1 – When we’re in judgement in a Protector, we see the problem outside of ourselves. We call on Mercy to sweep the outer pattern. In other words, we clean and release the projection or story.

2 – We can then recognize the feeling state or judgement inside ourselves and can again use Mercy to resolve the feeling within. It has a quality of I am because we’re identified with it.

3 – If we clear the feeling state, we can then melt the trigger or pattern itself. This is what will end the reactivity so it no longer recurs. We have ended that little loop of karma.

4 – Then we can call for grace and reintegrate without that button.

In my experience, you may find the feeling state has layers (just like our energy). We may not be able to resolve that fully and get to the trigger in one go. But by repeating the process when we see we’re reacting or in judgement, we can clear until we get clarity. Then we’ll get past that. Sometimes, it’s like peeling an onion.

If we’ve been doing some clearing already and are open and willing, we may find we can move through the whole thing in one pass. Or not even find an outer projection. But if it’s in our experience, we’re connected to it.

I have similarly seen teachers like Gangaji take people into how they were feeling, then ask what was behind that, and behind that. Invariably under all their emotions was either happiness or peace.

With a little practice and trust, such processes don’t require any formality. They become our natural response to issues. We just needed to be reminded of our own innate ability. See and release. Then life itself becomes a process of flowering rather than closing.

Such a remarkable thing, life is.

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