Calling Grace (Part 4)

Calling Grace (Part 4)

One of the more interesting aspects of Nancy Shipley Rubin‘s recent workshop was on Grace.

In most spiritual traditions we are essentially culturing the ground (body, emotions, mind) and waiting for that moment of grace to descend for healing and/or awakening. Some may think their practices will “get them enlightened” but this misses what enlightenment is. It is not the me or person that is enlightened. And it is not anything we do. It arises from Grace, from beyond even consciousness.

But what if you could call on Grace? What if Grace was also a creation field you could call upon as required? This is exactly what we did during the workshop.

As I spoke of in The Protectors, you have to be open energetically to receive. Also, calling on grace does not mean controlling grace. It means asking for it and being open to receive. Allowing. It’s that simple.

Open, ground, call for Grace. And then it descends like a warm flow. (again, best learned experientially)

Nancy describes grace as the young feminine, that which can see the divine and becomes a door to the Divine Mother. Grace holds all of our perceptions. A strength of grace brings joy.

When Grace is flowing, we can open our heart and give it to others. Rather remarkable what’s arising in energy teachings these days.

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