Story Hiccups

Story Hiccups

Life is funny. Over time, the mind has the tendency to make stories about life, to make sense of the world. Sometimes those stories support us but sometimes, they get in the way of seeing what is actually here. They can also create expectations that give us grief when things don’t work out or people don’t behave as we expect.

The biggest story breaker is of course spiritual awakening. In this shift, the story of a me is seen through and we shift from seeing ourselves as an individual person to recognizing we are cosmic being. This destroys the centre of the me-story and various other “shrapnel” falls away later, in the light of living awakeness.

But there can also be a number of smaller examples in our life experience. When our concepts about self and others are seen through or our expectations are dashed. Perhaps our story is threatened or we have a personal insight or doh! moment. Our partner surprises us by being something other than expected.

We may find our morals or values were not as high as we thought. Or ageing catches up with our self-concept. If you’re open, it can actually be pretty funny. But not so open, we can be offended, upset, and otherwise suffer.

Open takes realizing we were wrong or mistaken. We have to be willing to accept and adapt, to see ourselves as we are rather than how we wish to be.

Life is curious journey. Let it take you where it’s going and enjoy the adventure.

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