Consciousness Switch

Consciousness Switch

Scientists have recently discovered an area in the brain where, if electrically stimulated, the subject ceases to be conscious. The article goes on to suggest this as “the long-elusive cradle of human consciousness“.

Scientists have long studied the mechanism for states of consciousness. They know some of the parts of the brain and chemistry of how we shift into sleep and dream states, for example. However, the state the above stimulation triggered was not a state of consciousness but a state of stupor. They were stimulating the brain out of context, creating an unnatural lack of experience. It was not the key to or cradle of consciousness but a way to break the flow of experience. A key to unconsciousness, if anything.

Further, there is the underlying materialist assumption that consciousness is a side effect of brain function. Thus the brain remains a mystery as to “how a kilogram or so of nerve cells conjures up the seamless kaleidoscope of sensations, thoughts, memories and emotions that occupy every waking moment.

A better understanding is that consciousness underlies all experience and form. The brain is part of the mechanism for experiencing through this particular form. If you think of the brain more like a receiver or antenna, then it makes more sense. The mind carries the threads of experience but it’s consciousness that makes it seemless, not the brain or the mind.

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