Chasing Experiences

Chasing Experiences

One of the hazards of the spiritual journey is chasing experiences: looking for flash or the return of something good experienced before. Thus you see people using techniques to push kundalini, taking hallucinogenic drugs, or talking about experiences they want or want back.

This is an easy mistake to make and even advanced students make it. We are here to have experiences. It is our nature or purpose as beings. Creation exists for That to experience itself and we are vehicles of that process.

But chasing individual experiences in the future or past – even the good ones – is to stay caught by the idea of them rather than to reach them. Ironically, this attachment creates an experience that is the opposite of what we’re seeking. Attached to the past or future we’re unable to see what is here now. With approaches that push it, we run the risk of damaging the vehicle and thus limiting our ability to experience.

By nature, experiences come and go, even those of profound happiness, love, or understanding. Difficult experiences we resist are the ones that will tend to repeat rather than the ones we want. This is because they are unresolved and need to be processed. But our aversion keeps them “fed” and unresolved.

In the case of something like profound grief, it’s natural to give ourselves time to process it. But when we chase what is done and resist what is incomplete, we create the life we’re trying to avoid rather than what we would enjoy much more. This is the curious dynamic of the awakening process. We have to see through the old habits of mind or our efforts will just take us in circles.

It is consciousness that has the experiences so by expanding the presence (the container) we bring to experiences, we’re able to have more complete ones. With spiritual awakening, the knower is now infinite and experiences become progressively more inclusive.

Further, with that enjoyment of being, the resistance to what is here falls away, we’re able to quickly process the energy of what is unresolved – without having to keep reliving it. That resolves our past and the “repeaters” stop cycling back. That includes relationships that follow the same thread. Our past gradually looses its charge and it’s hold.

As well, the need for “something better” falls away when what is here is deeply satisfying, as it is.

Expansion of consciousness is one of the most remarkable things. It satisfies our purpose, our needs, and our very sense of being.

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