Debbie Ford Passes

Debbie Ford Passes

Debbie Ford passed away this week. She was an unexpected figure on the new age circuit, talking honestly about facing the shadow side of ourselves and healing old wounds. I wrote here about her film The Shadow Effect and have mentioned her occasionally around other films. I was surprised how similar her points were to how I spoke of the “shadow story“.

A great story about her from Tad

A conversation with Oprah last fall

Her Memorial site  (now offline)

Her web site, with a letter from her sister

From the Oprah conversation:
“Well, to me, the soul is a part of us that never dies. It’s what we come in with. And our soul is sometimes — I don’t think you can see it, but I think it’s who we are at our core. And it carries all the messages and the lessons that we’ve learned in the past — and will carry all the lessons and messages…into the future.”

The best of her goes on.

PS: you can see it.  😉

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