The Insistent Concept

The Insistent Concept

In another forum was another voice for the world as illusion and only awareness is real and eternal so there is no process and nothing to do. Just see this. Or rather think you see it. This is Neo-Advaita.

While yes, it is true that non-dual awareness is always present, it is first experienced as dawning in our more local awareness. Then we discover it is already eternally present. And everyone is already awake. But it’s not really true before that, whatever idea we might have.

I would not say the future is nonsense but rather the future is right now. This may not be true for you but does this make it wrong? Can you describe the origin of the experience of time and it’s relationship to perception and awareness? Then do you even know what time is? Is your idea then that the future is nonsense just a concept? Clearly you experience the passage of time. To say the future is nonsense means you are denying a part of your experience. That’s how you get stuck, not enlightened.

Let’s put this another way. Do you experience how awareness arises out of That? In deep samadhi we experience even an absence of awareness. So-called Emptiness. Where is eternal awareness then? I’m not saying awareness is not eternal. I’m just asking the question. Do you know awareness if you don’t know what it is? (and yes, you can experience awareness of an absence of awareness because awareness is aware at every point within itself.)

When you touch an object, do you experience the person touching and the object being touched? Do you experience all objects, your environment, the universe, and all experiences of every being to be inside of yourself?

If you do not, you do not understand Advaita and it’s just arguing concepts. Advaita is Vedanta, the end of the Veda, the end of knowledge. All This is That. Not just me. Not just some of it. Everything. Not just an idea of it. Direct experience. I am That.

This is why I harp on process. There are so many people underestimating what Enlightenment is. If your mirror does not reflect the fullness of what is, even noticing what is true for you right now will just give you a sliver of what’s really there. Looking at ‘what is’ is correct but never assume your experience is all of it.

There is a process to awakening, even if we don’t recognize it is occurring. Awakening is just another form of growing up. The eternal will be seen as eternal when we get there. But if you deny what you experience now, you miss a part of who you are. Anything you leave behind, you’ll have to come back and get. Better to bring it all along for the ride. If you deny there is a journey happening, then you completely miss why you’re even here, having these experiences.

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