The Bestest Present Ever

The Bestest Present Ever

I’d like to give you a gift. The best present you’ll ever have. But it’s not something I can give you because you already have it. But perhaps I can point it out to you.

The greatest gift is the present. The present moment.

In the present is all time and space. Everything that has ever or will ever be. All energy. All possibility.

The past and future are very limited subsets of that. So pay attention to what is here now. How do you feel, now? What are you thinking about, now? Where are you? Who are you?

This is not something you can try. It is only something you can relax into. The answers will be there or not. You’ll be present or not. But that which notices if you are present or not remains present. Always.

The more we are observing, the more present we are.

This is not to say make a mood of it. Don’t try to strain to be observing. Just notice that too. Notice you are noticing, or not. But still, the noticing remains.

Curiously, we can notice the past but still be present as the past is in the present. But if we are in the past, in our minds in the past, then we are not present.

When you are focused on something, it’s normal not to be noticing the noticing. It is just in those spaces we notice the space. Notice the silence.

At first, this may not seem like much of a gift. But it’s something that will last longer than anything else you’ll ever have. At some point, you will find that it’s also bringing you everything you will ever have. The gift that brings gifts.

See it there, now? Welcome to the present moment.

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