New Years Intentions

New Years Intentions

This is the time of year when many people write New Years Resolutions, goals for the year that often soon fade.

This fading part illustrates a weakness in the resolution. We may get into blaming ourselves but perhaps the resolution came not from a heart-felt desire but rather from a should. Or perhaps we framed it poorly, like making a resolution for what we don’t want. “I want to lose weight” vs “I’d like to be more healthy”.

Last year, I wrote 8 Steps to Better Resolutions. You may also enjoy 10 Steps to Achieving.

It’s an excellent process not only for accomplishing things but also for being aware of what comes up when we draft our goals. We can make this a spiritual practice. What do I really love? Why do I fear this? Is this resistance telling me something? Is that intuition warning me against or resistance?

Goals that come from who you know yourself to be are also far more supported than resistance to that.

Why am I here?
What do I love?
How do your friends describe your gifts? They can be hard to see in ourselves as they’re normal for us.

Our goals should draw us towards personal meaning if we’ll expect them to be true and to last. There is no motivation without meaning or feeling. This is why they refer to it as our “calling”.

Some people suggest that goals are meaningless if we trust God/ nature. Certainly we can get so focused on planning that we fail to act. Goals can be a resistance to what is. But clarifying our direction and purpose can bring a great deal of clarity and decisiveness.

Creation itself is spontaneous but arises completely from intention. If we’re able to work with the flow of intention through our lives, we’ll find the whole process much smoother. We could say this is a process of making our goals God’s goals. Of coming in tune with what is.

Be patient with yourself. This process can take time. But we can move more clearly each time we make a little progress.

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