Laws of Nature Evolve

Laws of Nature Evolve

In the past I’ve spoken of the objective vs subjective perspective, the impersonal vs personal. How the world can be perceived as the play of laws of nature or the play of energetic beings, the doers that get everything done.

The objective method has the advantage of simplifying interactions to the core principles. The subjective has the advantage of understanding the causative nature of what is. Much as science would like to explain the universe, if you leave out the subject, you are left with a hollow shell that has no origin.

Science has found many of the formulas and constants that can be used to describe how the world works. But it doesn’t answer the question of why.

One of the key details a systematic study of subjective reality reveals is that because laws are performed, there are performers who grow and change, evolve. They will shift over time. Constants are not fundamentally constant. Long term, but not absolute.

Also, because laws of nature are founded in consciousness rather than materiality, when consciousness makes a major shift, how some of those laws of nature will express will also change. What was impossible becomes possible when what is supported shifts. Rather like you express differently than when you were 5 years old.

Time for laws of nature (Devas) moves ‘more slowly’ than at human scale, about 360 times slower. We could say a law lives for about 36,000 human years per the Vedas. Of course, some jobs are carried forward. 😉

While many like Lennon have suggested we “Imagine”, we cannot gauge what a ‘golden age’ would look like based on our understanding of the world as it is now. All we can do is relax and enjoy the ride. Yee-hah!

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