The Progression of the Observer

The Progression of the Observer

A few discussions lately have raised this process. People talk of the shift to the observer, but it goes far deeper than this.

– no sense of separate observer – I am the body and/or mind and feelings
– lucid dreams – vivid dreams we remember, an alertness in sleep
– the witness or independent observer in waking, non-involvement
– the witness in dreams and deep sleep, awake in sleep
– the witness is always present, I am That
– awareness of awareness, seeing the observer
– awareness of awareness of awareness, see the dynamic of self-awareness in action and the full process of becoming
– the collapse of perception into awakeness, total non-duality

Of course, this can be explored several different ways. But it is interesting to consider how deeply the perception of “observation” can progress. And of course, as the observer is none other than Self, the perception of who one is. Although words certainly fail. “Is” becomes meaningless beyond being and so on.

All lively awake silence. Whatever else could one want? (laughs)

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