The Inner Guru

The Inner Guru

Again, over on Interconnected vs Oneness, comments expanded to cover a subject worth posting.

First thing to understand is that each of us have a dominant mode of experience or sense. Some are visual, some more hearing, some more feeling. Thus some people have “visions”, some hear things, some “feel” their way into peace. And some do none of the above. As one teacher put it, not everyone will cognize but everyone will realize.

The trick is that experiences have nothing to do with awakening. Awakening is to who you are, not what you experience. Although it certainly changes how you experience when who changes. (everything changes yet nothing changes)(laughs)

The question of guru comes back to the evolution of consciousness. When we shift from what might be called personal development into the seeker role, we seek a teaching for our journey, an outer guru or teaching.

At a certain point on the journey, we will outgrow the teacher. Sometimes, because of an inner guru, sometimes we simply evolve past the teaching. If the teaching does not remain above us, it will not flow. If we have been close to the teaching, this can be a very major step. Like leaving home. 😉

What some call the inner guru may be some sort of light being or inner authority. Some people collect “guardian angels” or “guides”. As outlined above, such things may be seen, heard, felt, or a combination thereof. However, like the outer guru, they are outside of us so are really just another form of “outer” even if we experience them internally. Thus, they too must be outgrown. Some sooner than others.

They also require the same care as choosing any outer teacher as some such beings have agendas. Just because a stranger appears does not mean we should give them heed. Same rules as when you were growing up. Don’t take candy from strangers. (laughs) Plus, it’s hard to check references… Personally, I learned not to put much credence in that arena. The astral/emotional values can be where the most noise is. But pay attention to how it feels.

If we see things (laughs), such things will often appear to us in a way I call personalized, what Caroline Myss calls symbolic. For example, people tend to see angels as having certain kinds of form even though they are more like plasma than someone you meet on the street. Helps us relate to them and all that.

Interestingly, if you’ve been on a path for any period of time, you’re getting feedback all the time. But because we’re unfamiliar with what to look for or how to listen, we screen it all out. Voices in the head = BAD! (laughs) As Myss puts it “We’re always in dialogue with God.”

Mind itself is one arena, but the “monkey mind” tends to mask the intuitive signals coming from higher mind. They can seem quieter at first but as we settle deeper, they will become louder than the surface noise. They have greater power, after all. Intuition is in some ways the dawning inner guru.

Often after awakening (self realization), perception refines to the point where we begin to perceive the actual mechanics of becoming directly. The nature of divinity unfolds. God becomes (archetypally) directly experienced. For some, this is the ultimate guru, to commune with God.

However, if you are on a more intellectual path, you will seek the impersonal God, Brahman, Isness, without form. This is the journey of God realization.

When you awaken from the God’s dream into Unity, this is when the highest reality becomes known. The guru is Self. As all things are That, the guru is not inner but rather everything. All things arise from the Veda, knowledge. The flow of love.

There is also the idea that when we know nothing, everything will be known. (laughs) This is because all concepts we hold onto are barriers to being. As we release the grip of more and more of our mythos, we awaken to what is true.

To close, I could say that the inner guru cannot be sought or found. It is not somewhere else. It is only when we go deeper that the truth will unfold, as it already is.

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  1. Davidya

    Hi Albert
    (laughs) Yes, and the “inner” is probably archetypal as well. In some ways, it illustrates the longer history of the soul as the archetypes sometimes don’t match the current cultural meme, like a Christian meeting Krisna for example.

    It is what is behind the presentation that’s most important. Always what underlies.

    Of course, the outlook of the article is heavily influenced by my own journey.

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  3. Davidya

    Hi Saishia
    Right! I still find great value in other voices. Not as a new teaching but as another perspective of the whole. Plus, being in groups of awakening people is a great aid to our shared journey.

    It is a remarkable life.

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